[News] Rap Monster Interview with Blurred Culture [170426]

Rap Monster Of BTS Speaks About A.R.M.Y And Future Group Plans [INTERVIEW]

Prior to taking the stage in Anaheim for their second sold-out shot at the Honda Center, BTS was kind enough to take let our contributor ask a few questions about their Wings tour. The leader of BTS, Rap Monster, answered for the group:

What are your overall reflections on the whole entire tour and how do you think this differs from your previous tours?

[T]his is the […] the last episode of our trilogy … it’s the third one. I sometimes think like we did […] all the previous tour[s] for the just Wings, so it really means a lot to us […] it really means that much. And you know like we’ve been to Chile, Brazil and now the states and I think these fans are the most enthusiastic in the world and they are singing along to all the lyrics and they do these crazy [motions with his bodies movements that the crowds did]. Everybody! We are so grateful for that.

What do you think is the main message that you hoped the fans can take away from your promotions here?

[W]e hope that they know [that] we thank [them] so much. Like ,you know, we don’t take all of that for [granted]. [This kind of love] didn’t just happen naturally. It’s because all [the fans], every fan in there, they vote for us, and they listen to the music for us, and they bought the tickets for us. [It’s because of the fans] we have some of the success and the attention[.] We just hope [that] they know that we know.

So in your eyes, what is BTS’s culture? Like the fan culture?

Oh, it’s the fan’s culture … okay that’s a hard question.

(every one in the group laughs)

I think it’s just all about the energy. It’s so crazy. You know it’s like, we’re like them. We are young people just like them. We’re [not] so extraordinary. We’re not like some aliens from like mars.   We are [just] like them, [and they] are like us, so we are just having fun together and singing songs together[.] I think that’s our culture.

Do you notice any difference between your Korean fans and your international fans?

Oh yeah, of course, the first thing is language.

(Rap Monster laughs)

Yeah, of course.

Yeah, [every where is different] and it depends on the place’s weather or their environment or the cultures … but the same thing is that they [all] know the songs. I mean they know the points and just sing together and just enjoy together and I think that’s it. That’s what important. That’s our culture.

What do you want to say to the fans who have been camping outside since 3 am for you guys?

It’s incredible. All we can say is, “Thank you so much. Thank you, and I love you so much. We love you.”

You guys are on fire right now. So what do you guys want to say to your A.R.M.Y, cause I know each and everyone one of you guys should have said that everybody has a different skill, or brings something different to the table. But what do you guys think make BTS stand apart from other K-POP? Continue reading “[News] Rap Monster Interview with Blurred Culture [170426]”

[News] BTS Interview with Pastel Magazine [170425]

Talking K-Pop Style with BTS

Since they burst onto the scene in 2013, K-pop boy band BTS has rarely taken a break. Over the last few years, they released their genre-bending album trilogy The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, and quickly followed up with their new release You Never Walk Alone this past February. The band’s seven members—Jimin (vocals/choreography), Rap Monster (rap), V (vocals), J-Hope (rap/choreography), Jin (vocals), SUGA (rap) and Jungkook (vocals/choreography)—have made waves at home and abroad, cracking the iTunes Top 10 charts with “Spring Day” and making fans out of artists like Charlie Puth and Wale. But BTS still isn’t done, the band is currently travelling the globe on their sold-out Wings tour.

Paste talked with the boys of BTS about K-pop style—from dressing for themselves to Kanye.


Paste:When did you first paying more attention to style or fashion?

Rap Monster: I’ve been buying clothes online since junior high!
SUGA: I first paid attention to fashion when I was around 15, but I don’t really care much about it these days.
J-hope: I think when I was about 18 when I moved to Seoul, getting ready for the debut. I saved some money to buy used brands and style up myself.
Jimin: I first started to pay attention to fashion after my debut as BTS in 2013.

Paste: Do you feel that you dress more for yourself or for others?

Rap Monster: I usually dress for myself, whenever I feel like wearing something but I do refer to trends from time to time. I’m so into Japanese work wear such as WTAPS and Neighborhood.
SUGA: Only for myself.
J-hope: I’d be lying if I say I only dress for myself. I try to dress according to fashion trends that suit me and go along with me per season.
Jin: I often dress for others, but most of time, I’d like to dress for myself because I prefer simple designs.
Jimin: I don’t really mind trends of fashions, and I just choose whatever I like for the day to dress for myself!
V: I usually have my own styles and dress for myself.
Jungkook: I always dress MYWAY! Continue reading “[News] BTS Interview with Pastel Magazine [170425]”