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[INFO] BTS Special Album 화양연화 Young Forever

[INFO] BTS on KCON 2016 France & KCON 2016 NYC & KCON 2016 LA

[INFO] 2016 BTS LIVE 花様年華 on stage: epilogue ~Japan Edition~

[INFO] 2016 BTS LIVE 花様年華 on stage: epilogue 

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@BTS_twt : 요즘 계속 맨발로 연습 내 발에게 미안하지만 기분이 좋다 발에 시커먼 먼지가 붙지만 같이 실력도 붙는 느낌 .. 이 발이 곧 나를 최고로 만들어줄 거라고 믿어 의심치 않는다 !:) 홉나잇! [J-Hope] 

Trans @BTS_twt : These days I’ve been continuously practicing with bare feet
I feel sorry for my feet but it feels nice
Black dust is sticking to my feet but I feel that skills are also sticking to me ..
I don’t doubt that these feet will make me the best!:) HopeNight! [J-Hope] 

Credits : Trans by Ellie @ bts-trans