[Engsub] BTS – Outro : Circle Room Chyper

English :

BTS – Outro : Circle Room Chyper 

(Member Enters Individually mumbling to selves)

Rap Monster : i’ll give you 500 won,comeback with 500 won aight

Suga : Quiet..Quiet..Quiet..

Suga : Guys, I wrote a killer beat

(members unsure , complaining)

Suga : Yes, I’m Aware we record everyday. But !

(other echo in mockery)

Suga : First,it’is ,,

Rap Monster : (Singing is Own Tune ) Let;s Enjoy same day! Tiresome same beat

(Rap Monster continues sing -song : complaints,others waves him off)

BTS : Alright..Alright..let’s give it lesson

Jimin : We’ll see how well you’ve recorded it

Rap Monster : I’mma Hit it! I’mma Hit it !

Jimin : Do it well

Jimin : it’s not bad!

(others agreeing)

Suga : Not Bad, huh ?..

Suga : How about chyper ,it’s been a while

Jungkook : chyper?

Suga : it’s been a while ,we’re going straight on with chyper ,let’s make it big ,shall we?

Jungkook : i’m nervous

Rap Monster : Hyung first ,hyung first !

Suga : Yo ~ alright start with me .

BTS : Go Suga ! Go Suga !

Suga : K’k i’ll start k.

Suga : My name is S-U-G-A . Other rappers all behind me

Same as Always , i tease my tongue this way and that over this beat – all your rap makes me sleepy.

Shall we rewind the cd ? Our music makes the woman cry.

Our name is Bangtan . what’s coming out of your mouth right now is..exclamation?

(T/N Suprised and impressed)

Rap monster : ( Singing I Got a boy ) I’m cool boy i’m nice boy but my voice its low.

You’re a kid next door .And I am satan. i’m igatan that heals you .

(T/N toothache relieving pills in korea)

You can do rap (T/N ‘can do’ pun for ‘pig) I do it well. You’re Ribbon Pig (T/N ‘Maplestory character) I do it with my feet

Both arms thugged out with public school Rolex ,ugly glasses. All Words suit me .

But for you , ‘tacky /trashy’ or ‘pompeii’

You just erupted ,cover up the mountains  (T/N Reference to acne)

Wait, guys  i need a pee (T/N if you dont get it y’all are whack )

No, I Really Really need to go

BTS : GO Jungkook! Go Jungkook !

Jungkook : Another time free style rapping today, if you measure up it’s brand name setting.

Suited to an MC ( like me) all that MCM , Gucci and Alexander mcQueen .

This isn’t my first time rapping. it’s diffrent now, i’m walking along the beat.

I Cover them all during the summer than i catch them all. Jungkook look at me now. look at me now.

Suga : Who’s Next ? Who Next?

V : Should i’ll do it. Then i’ll go chyper.

Allright ,so i heard the hyung’s rap well. Namjoon hyung’s lyrics,he’s all mature now .

Their rap skills are nearly back to back .it’s a compliment ,now quit it.

Hobi Hyung’s in front of me ,he’s getting tense now. what’s making you’re nervous? Go make us some Kimchi.

Daegu Dialect,it’s alive! Yoongi hyung ,you alive,son.

Suga : I’m Alive !!!!

J- Hope : Now the J-hope has to come forth.

Other : ( chanting J-hope part in no more dream with his name added in)

J- hope : J-hope J-hope’s Coming out ! it’s a skill in our music. i’ll show you my blade- i like skill.  my My My Name it’s j-hope !

I’m so handsome/ cool . i don’t even leave a trace . I’m that hip hop that gwangju (T/N J-Hope home Town ) gave the birth.

This is the start to Jeolla-do (T/N Province,Capital its Gwangju )’s Rap.

i’ll shake you up until you go bust. (in South Jeolla accent) because we’re really smashing.

BTS : Go March ! Go March ! (T/N The Word for jeonjin, which mean march.play on jin name)

Jin : My Name is … Jin . I’m the most handsome. My nickname ,Jindda (T/N basiclly dumbass)

Keep shacking your books you’ll fall put chyyyyeaaa.

Rap Monster : And than what ?

Jin : So my nickname is  Jin…So My stage name is Jin,

Rap monster : Who’s left ? Did Jimin Go?

Jimin : shall i show you ?

Jimin : My Name is …Jimin My Rap make Vocal team here wet their pants.

Taehyung please get up you smell a little fishy. Look me up in advance.

BTS : Leave..Leave..leave..What even was that..

Rap monster : Go Migrate Somewhere.

Jimin : I’m Sorry..I…I won’t do it again.

Suga : I don’t think you should a rap,man.

BTS :  ( Telling Jimin To Leave and Go migrate somewhere)

Suga : Okay now that our chyper ‘s over..how about we go out and eat?

V : In Incheon?

Rap monster : A night Outing.

Jungkook : Lobster,Soondae (T/N brownish sausage stuffed with noodles and rice, common street food in korea) Let’s Go eat  Soondae.

Suga : Let’s Go i’ll treat you all!!

Rap monster : I get sick,i’m not gonna eat any.

Suga : allright then , happy working.

J-Hope : i’m going bye !

Rap monster : Really now. this is to much …

Jimin : i’ll go now!

Rap Monster : Yeah leave.

Jin : stay put….

Credits : 

Video : Bangtan subs Re-upload : Exo E.l.f Youtube  

Engsub : sam @bbi Re-write Monster Bear @btsdiary 

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