[Engsub] BTS – Skit : R U Happy Now ?

English : 

BTS – Skit : R U Happy Now ?

V: Sleeping as soon as he gets in the car…

Rap Monster: What time is it, what time is it?

Jin: It’s about 6:30 right now.

Jimin: I woke up straight away…I really wanted to sleep but couldn’t fall asleep.

V: Are we going to the rest stop?

Suga: It’s 6:30 am, do you really think we could go to the rest stop right now?

Rap Monster: We have to go to the rest stop; my bladder’s going to explode!

J-Hope: I really need to go to the bathroom right now!

Rap Monster: If I don’t go right now, it’s really going to explode.

J-Hope: At the fansign I really needed the bathroom but couldn’t go; I thought I was going to die.

Jimin: Hold it in. Hold it in!

Rap Monster: Is everyone’s bladder okay? Are you okay?

Jin: I’m okay!

J-Hope: Wait, is this being recorded? Wow, this is being recorded?

Rap Monster: I want to check to see if this [the recording] is okay.

Rap Monster: You know, listening to the song makes my bladder tighter. We should just do the choreography at the fansign later.

J-Hope: The choreography!

Rap Monster: Double double combo!

Suga: Hey, did you get it?

J-Hope: The beat? Did it come? Wait, I think it did come but I only heard it from the PD –

Rap Monster: Good~

Rap Monster: It’s really nice when you first hear it! I listened to this for two hours but couldn’t come up with any lyrics.

V: Hey, it’s good!

Jimin: (to V) Shut up, it’s too loud [in here].

V: Sorry.

Jin: Before that, can someone please cover Jungkook’s nostrils?

Rap Monster: Yeah, why does this kid snore so much? I know, he’s totally out of it right now…you’re tired, right?

Jin: I’m jealous. So young.

Rap Monster: Yeah, it’s really tiring…

Jimin: Because we can’t sleep.

J-Hope: But even though we’re tired, aren’t we all happy right now?

Jimin: Of course, we’re all happy.

J-Hope: I’m happy!

Rap Monster: To be honest, I am happy.

J-Hope: I’m happy! Let’s go meet our fans!

Rap Monster: I mean, let’s be honest – when will we ever get to do something like this?

Suga: After all, this is what we were dreaming of when we were trainees. We are happy.

Rap Monster: Are you awake now?

Jungkook: Huh? Hey, it’s the rest stop! Rest stop~

Rap Monster: (sighs) Waking up when we arrive at the rest stop…

Jimin: Your face is so swollen! Look, his face is swollen!

Credits : 

Audio : itsminhae_2 soundcloud

English : Christie @ bts-trans

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