[Lyric] Rap Monster – Suicide

Lyric :

Rap Monster – Suicide

I’ve walked this long way from home to find my real utopia

but, now I got no place to go and now I feel agoraphobia

Can’t describe how lonely I am, I know this isn’t a game

But I’m beating the fan, I’m beating the fan

I do this shit again and again

Boy, what the hell are you afraid of?

You are your life’s creator, something you definitely ain’t gonna get paid off

Just don’t be a bitch, be a real player

There’s nothing, I’m sick of this

Need somebody to stand by my side, for a moment no forever

Never would’ve looked for a safe to hide

I wait for you, I stay for you. Everything  I made for you.

Just for you, what’s made for you. Don’t need to make it yet, but just for you.

They always say, only you be way better but I don’t believe their shitter.

Honestly I’m falling up the ladder, maybe this song will be my last letter.

All the history and times all we have

Just tell I’m sorry and now give me your rest (I’ll take it to you)

If my passion is what you need (I’ll give it for ya)

If conclusion is what you mean, now set me free so that I’ll forget (x2)


Audio : D Breezy youtube 

Lyric :  energizerkyung@tumblr

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