[Video/Link] BTS Interview + BackStage 2014


140104 BTS Yinyuntai Interview Engsub 

140105 BTS at Cancam Engsub | Engsub2

1400120 Haru Hana Vol.22 message from BTS Engsub

140129 BTS Congratulation Simply Kpop No Sub 

140211 BTS The Show Cut Engsub 

140213 BTS Wide Open Studio No Sub  / Engsub

140214 BTS Cut J-Hope JungKook MC Special Mubank No Sub 

140216 BTS Cut Inkigayo Interview No Sub  | Engsub

140218 BTS Live Chat The Show No Sub | Engsub

140220 BTS MCountdown Hang Out chat No Sub

140220 BTS Mnet Wide News No Sub | Engsub | Jap Sub

140220 BTS MnetCountdown Re:chat No Sub 

140220 BTS Behind The Scene at Arirang TV Now On Engsub

140221 Let’s Dance : BTS – Boy In Luv(상남자) No Sub+Engsub 

140221 BTS Cut Jimin & V MC Special Mubank No Sub | Engsub

140222 BTS on Mnet MPD MPV No Sub  | Engsub

140224 BTS on Arirang Showbiz Korea Engsub

140225 BTS On MTV The Show 60s’ Interview  No Sub | EngsubPart1  EngsubPart2 | Jap Sub

140226 BTS on Arirang After School Club No Sub+Engsub 

140227 BTS Preview Simply Kpop Ep. 104 in English Engsub

140227 BTS Mwave Meet N Greet No Sub

140227 BTS Backstage+Re-chart+Talk at Mcountdown No Sub

140228 BTS MCountdown Backstage (Japan Mnet) No Sub 

140304 BTS MTV The Show  Backstage & More No Sub

140305 MBC Show Champion BTS Self PR(Chyper Pt. 1 Hook) No Sub

140306 BTS MCountdown Hangout Cam No Sub

140307 BTS Behind The Show No Sub  / Engsub

140307 BTS MCountdown Backstage (Japan Mnet) No Sub

140308 BTS MBC Show Champion Backstage No Sub | Engsub

140311 BTS MTV The Show Finder No Sub / Engsub

140313 BTS Re-chart at Mnet Mcountdown No Sub 

140313 BTS Mnet Wide MCD Behind The 2014.06.03 No Sub | Engsub

140314 Pops In Seoul – BTS (Boy In Luv) No Sub+Engsub 

140314 BTS Gived a Rose at Special MC Opening Music Bank No Sub | Engsub

140314 BTS BTS MCountdown Backstage (Mnet JP) No Sub

140315 BTS Show Champion Backtage No Sub | Engsub

140318 BTS Behind The Show No Sub 

140319 Mnet JJANG! #63 Interview BTS & More Engsub | Cut

140319 SBS funE K-STAR NEWS – 방탄소년단 No Sub | Engsub


140320 BTS at Mnet Wide News Cut No Sub | Engsub

140320 BTS Re:Chart Cut No Sub

140321 BTS Jungkook & Jimin Backstage Special MC at Mubank No sub 

140321 BTS  at Mnet Mcountdown Backstage (MnetJapan) No Sub

140321 BTS at Mwide Behind the 140313 (BTS 1:44 – 2:42) No Sub  | Engsub

140324 BTS Greetings for YinYueTai V-Chart Awards 2014 at Beijing No SubEngsub

140325  Behind The Show BTS – Boy In Luv Final Stage & Backstage Interview at MTV The Show  No Sub | Engsub

140326 BTS at Show Champion Footage No Sub | Engsub

140327 BTS at Re:Chart Mnet Mcountdown No Sub

140327 BTS at MWide Behind The 2014.03.20 No Sub

140401 BTS at Mnet Beatles Code 3D No Sub  | Engsub

140402 BTS at Arirang ASC After Show (Rap Monster & Jimin) No Sub+Engsub

140404 BTS  at Mnet Mcountdown Backstage (MnetJapan)  No Sub | Engsub | Engsub

140408 BTS at MBC Show Champion Interview No Sub 

140408 BTS at KBS KWAVE Photo Shoot No Sub

140409 BTS Greetings for YinYueTai Fansign at Beijing-China Engsub

140410 BTS Mnet Mcountdown Opening+VCR 20-11 No Sub | Engsub | Jap Sub

140411 SUGA Special MC Backstage at KBS Music Bank No Sub | Engsub

140415 BTS at MTV The Show No Sub

140415 BTS Preview Show champion No Sub 

140416 BTS Greetings for 1st Anniversary After School Club No Sub+Engsub

140416 BTS Preview at Weekly Idol No Sub | Engsub

140416 BTS at Show Champion Backstage No Sub | Engsub | Jap Sub

140422 BTS Interview at Fandom School (Full Ver.) No. Sub | Engsub 

140424  BTS Behind The Show at MTV The Show – Speaking by Drawing/Picture No Sub  | Engsub 1 , Engsub2 | Jap Sub

140425 BTS  at Mnet Mcountdown Backstage (MnetJapan)  No Sub1  ( littlebit cut but HD) No Sub2 (Full but no HD)| Engsub1 / Engsub2 | Engsub3

140425 BTS Greetings Fan Meeting Vol. 1 at Tokyo Dome City Hall- Japan May 31 No Sub |

140428 BTS Greetings for 2nd Anniversary Kstyle No Sub | Engsub

140430 BTS at Haru*Hana Vol.23 (March Edition) Making No Sub | Engsub

140430 BTS at MBC Weekly Idol No Sub | Engsub | Jap Sub

140505 BTS at yinyuentai Interview No Sub |Engsub 1 / Engsub 2

140506 Rap Monster at Arirang After School Club EP. 63 No Sub+Engsub

140506 Preview Rap Monster at Mnet 4 thing show Ep. 3 next week No Sub | Engsub

140406 BTS Review at MTV The Show No Sub  | Engsub

140506 Rap Monster at Arirang After School Club EP. 64 No Sub+Engsub

140508 BTS Re-Chart at Mnet Mcountdown No Sub | Engsub

140508 BTS Mnet Mcountdown Begins E01 Preview No Sub

140513 Rap Monster at Mnet 4 Things Show No Sub | Engsub

140515 BTS at Mnet Mcountdown Re-Chart No Sub | Engsub

140516 BTS Greetings Boy In Luv<INGENIOMediaMusic> No Sub

140517 Preview BTS at BTS China Jobs EP.1  No Sub+Engsub

140520  Behind The Scene Rap Monster at Mnet 4 Things Show  No Sub+Engsub

140521 BTS at Arirang ASC After Show (Rap Monster ,Jimin & Jungkook) EP. 68 No Sub+Engsub

140522  Preview BTS at BTS China Jobs EP.2  No Sub+Engsub

140523 BTS Message at Haru Hana Vol. 24 No Sub | Engsub

140526 About BTS at NHK World (Cut 0:34-2:35)  Engsub1 / Engsub2

140528 BTS at BTS ☆ Style Vol. 2 at Oricon Style No Sub+EngSub

140528 BTS at Arirang ASC After Show (Rap Monster ,Jimin & Jungkook) EP. 70  No Sub+Engsub

140529 BTS cut at Mnet Mcountdown Re-chart No Sub 

140529 BTS at Ameba Studio-Japan Live & Premium Broadcast No Sub  | Engsub (Public Broadcast) | Engsub (Premium Live)

140529 BTS Greetings to Music On! TV 超韓ON! No Sub | Engsub

140604 BTS at Kstyle about Japan Debut No Sub+Engsub

140605 BTS at Music On! TV (Kang On! Fighting! ) – Japan No Sub | Engsub 

140606 BTS at NicoXNico No Sub | Engsub soft  (Public Broadcast) | Engsub Hardsub 

140611 BTS ☆ Style Vol.4 at Oricon Style No Sub+Engsub

140613 BTS at Showbiz Korea No Sub

140614 BTS at Kstar Lover at on Jisin Chanel No Sub : Part 1 Part 2 |

140614 BTS at M-ON! CDET! No Sub | Engsub

140617 BTS at MTV Behind The Show No Sub

140620 Coming Soon Kstar Wonderland meets BTS at Mnet Japan No Sub

140621 BTS Answer KCON-ers’ Questions! – KCON 2014 Engsub info about kcon link

140623 BTS at  Mwave Meet n Greet “BTS Summer Package” No Sub  & Behind The Scene

140625 BTS ☆ Style Vol.6 at Oricon Style  No Sub+Engsub 

140627 BTS Greetings1st fanmeeting in Europe “RWeL8?”Engsub

140627 BTS at Showbiz Korea No Sub

140628 BTS cut at M-ON! CDET No Sub

140630 BTS Interview & MV at NHK E-Tele (Hangul Course On TV) No Sub | Engsub  | Self Intro Engsub

140701 BTS at MBC Music Idol True Color No Sub

140702 Moon Hee Jun Mnet Pure_15 Hip Hop Idol (Zico,Rap Monster & Bang Yongguk) cut No Sub | Engsub 

140706 BTS at BS SPTV (Korean Hour) [End 05:32] No Sub

140709 BTS at BTS ☆ Style Vol. 8 at Oricon Style No Sub+EngSub 

140713 BTS – Haru Hana Magazine Vol 24 Cover Shoot Making No Sub  | Engsub 

140713 BTS at BS SPTV (Korean Hour) No Subcut / No Sub Full  | Engsub 

140715 4Thing Show Rap Monster Unpublished Video No Sub 

140720 BTS at BS SPTV (Korean Hour) No Sub 

140721 Preview BTS American Hustle Life ep. 1 No Sub  | Engsub 

140723 BTS ☆ Style Vol.10 at Oricon Style No Sub  | Engsub 

140724 MBC Reconstitution of Ranking Chart8 Ep 74 : King of Dancing (BTS)Jin&(BEAST)Son DongWoon No Sub 

140726 BTS Japan Special – Space Shower TV Plus No Sub 

140727 BTS at BS SPTV (Korean Hour)  No Sub  | Engsub 

140728 Preview BTS American Hustle Life ep. 2 No Sub  | Engsub 

140804 Preview BTS American Hustle Life ep. 3 No Sub  | Engsub

140810 BTS Interview at KBS Backstage Chat No Sub | Engsub 

140810 BTS Interview on red carpert with ericnam at KCON2014 No Sub 

140811 Preview  BTS American Hustle Life ep. 4 No Sub  | Engsub

140811 KCON 2014 Recap No Sub+Engsub

140811 BTS at BJ11 Hanlove No Sub | Engsub

140814 KCONUSA BTS and Fans Answer What Hallyu Means to Them! No Sub+Engsub

140814 BTS cut Mcountdown Begins No Sub | Engsub 

140815 Doumfoundead Vlog about Kcon English 

140816 Go! BTS Coming Soon 9/3/2014 at Mnet America

140816 KSpazz Vlogs #7 [Part 1] – BTS in Stockholm 2014

140818 Preview BTS American Hustle Life ep. 5 No Sub  | Engsub 

140820 [KCON 2014] Backstage with BTS @mnetamerica  English 

140820 BTS at BTS ☆ Style Vol. 14 at Oricon Style No Sub

140821 BTS at [MISSION:MPD] KCON2014 IN LA, 꽃보다 MPD~(0:18-0:53)

140822 BTS (Waiting Room) @kbs Music Bank No Sub

140824 BTS Comeback Interview at SBS Inkigayo No Sub | Engsub

140824 Preview BTS American Hustle Life ep. 6 No Sub | Engsub

140825 BTS kstarlover  Part 1 No Sub  | Engsub

140825 BTS Greetings at Yinyuetai V Chart   No Sub  | Engsub

140826 BTS Interview with au review at KCON NoSub+SoftEngsub

149826 BTS at After School Club ep 95 No Sub+Engsub

140828 BTS at Mcoundown begins+mini fan meeting No Sub+Engsub

140829 BTS at Mcountdown Backstage (Japan Mnet) No Sub  | Engsub 

140830 BTS at Show Champion Bacstage No Sub  | Engsub

140831 BTS at Danny From LA (DFLA) Engsub

140901 BTS kstarlover  Part 2 No Sub | Engsub

140901  BTS Chuseok Special Naver Starcast No Sub | Engsub

140901 Preview  BTS American Hustle Life ep. 7 No Sub  | Engsub

140902 BTS at The show No Sub | Engsub interview | Engsub The Show Pick

140904 (MV Commentary) MPD & BTS – Danger No Sub+Engsub

140904 BTS Mnet Mcountdown No Sub  | Engsub Mcountdown Begins

140905 BTS at Mcountdown Backstage (Japan Mnet) No Sub  | Engsub

140907 KOREA TODAY-BTS Soars to Fame with New Album (Star Interview BTS) No Sub+Engsub

140907 Preview  BTS American Hustle Life ep. 8 No Sub | Engsub

140908 BTS at DFLA – The Lost Tapes (KCON 2014) BTS Part (15 :00 ~ 20:32) No Sub+Engsub 

140910 BTS at Arirang Pops In Seoul No Sub+Engsub

140911 BTS notice Arirang SImply Kpop Ep. 128 No Sub

140912  BTS at Mcountdown Backstage (Japan Mnet) No Sub

140912 BTS Greetings for 100 Day’s Debut in Japan ( K-style) No Sub 

140912 BTS Promo ID Yinyuentai Engsub 

140913 BTS Cut Show Champion backstage No Sub  | Engsub

140915 News Time BTS – What a Fall song’s the kids choose personally Best 3 No Sub    | Engsub

140916 BTS Cut The Show Talk No Sub | Engsub 

140916 BTS Misssion with MPD – Behind The Cut No Sub | Engsub  

140918 BTS Mnet Coundwn Begins No Sub  | Engsub

140919 BTS at Mcountdown Backstage (Japan Mnet) No Sub  | Engsub

140920 BTS cut Backstage show champion No Sub  | Engsub

140922 BTS at Mnet JJANG! (Japan mnet) No Sub | Engsub

140924 Bangtan Boys RWeL8? in Stockholm – An Hallyu.se Exclusive Report No Sub+Engsub

140925 BTS Mnet Coundwn Begins No Sub | Engsub

140926 BTS at Mcountdown Backstage (Japan Mnet) No Sub

140927 BTS at Behind the show Jimin’s R19 Want you cam pledge  No Sub  | Engsub 

141001 BTS at 10Asia+ Star Magazine shooting scene No Sub

141001 MPD Mission with BTS No Sub | Engsub

141002 BTS at Mcountdown Begins No Sub+Engsub

141003 BTS at Mcountdown Backstage (Japan Mnet) No Sub 

141009 BTS cut Mcountdown Begins No Sub  | Engsub

141009 BTS Interview & Yinyuentai Korean Top 10 V-chart No Sub

141010 BTS at Mcountdown Backstage (Japan Mnet) No Sub 

141010  BTS Birthday Greeting for Kpop Nonstop – 2nd Anniversary N0 Sub+SoftEngsub

141011 BTS cuts on YinYueTai Global Idol Ep63 Engsub 

141014 Behind The Show 방탄소년단, 무작정 거는 공약? No Sub  

141015 BTS at Hanryu Pia No Sub  | Engsub

141016 BTS at MBC Sharing Concert VCR + Interview No Sub  | Engsub | Engsub2

141023 BTS at Mcountdown Begins No Sub  | Engsub

141023 BTS at Mwave Meet N Greet No Sub 

141024 BTS at KBS Music Bank Waiting Room No Sub | Engsub1  | Engsub2

141030 BTS at Mcountdown Begin No Sub | Engsub1 | Engsub2

141030 BTS at MPD Mission No Sub +Soft Engsub

141102 2014 Kpop World Festival Meets with Kstar – BTS  No Sub  | Engsub 

141104 SBS MTV The Show Warm-up Time BTS No Sub | Engsub1 | Engsub2

141104 SBS MTV Behind The Show (13:32~17:08) No Sub

141104 Spot-Preview Simply K-Pop Ep136 English

141106 BTS MCD Mini Fan Meeting No Sub | Engsub

141106 BTS cut MCD Begins No Sub | Engsub

141106 Good Bye ~BTS ( Mnet MPD) No Sub

141107 BTS at Mcountdown Backstage (Japan Mnet) No Sub 

141108 V special MC cut at Show! Music Core No Sub  | Engsub 

141110 BTS at JJANG! (Mnet Japan) No Sub

141111 BTS Nominated for 2014 MAMA Best Dance Performance Male Group EngSub 

141111 BTS Interview on 韩娱星动态 Han Yu Xing Dong Tai Engsub

141112 KBS Music Bank in Mexico BTS Meets Re: On Soul No Sub | Engsub 

141113 BTS cut MCD Begins No Sub | Engsub

141119  BTS at Music Japan TV (Next Kpop) No Sub 

141120 Pops in Seoul – BTS Secret Box Engsub

141122 BTS at Nico Nico Public and Premium broadcast No Sub | Engsub 

141125 BTS at W korea Magazine December Issues (W TV)

141125 BTS at M on Recomended No Sub 

141126 BTS ☆ Style Vol. 17 at Oricon Style No Sub+Engsub 

141203 BTS On Bloomberg English

141203/141210/141211/141219 BTS on MAMA 2013 No Sub+Engsub 

141215 BTS interview KBS “Sad memories of Christmas”(?) No Sub 

141215 BTS at K-POPバラエティ「韓Chu」 No Sub 

141225 BTS Cut at Mcountdown Begins  No Sub+Engsub 

141231 BTS Give Cheerings to Mnet Music Drama “789” No Sub+Engsub 

141231 MNET New Year greetings No Sub | Engsub 


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