[Info/Vote] Tutorial Vote BTS on Inkigayo



  • 60% Digital Sales
  • 35% SNS Score (Youtube + Twitter, uses Gaon’s Social Chart Rankings)
  • 5% Pre-Voting (voting through mobile app ‘엠앤TV톡’)
  • 10% Live Voting (only top 3 artists are eligible)

How Vote On Inkigayo :

55% Digital Sales

Downloads/streams from the following sites contribute toward digital sales:

MelOn | Bugs | Mnet | Soribada | Olleh | Genie | Naver | Daum 

ARMY’s Who’s able Download the song (got accout to download) download this song,

If You Don’t have Account,please going choose to try listen the song more.

5%Album Sales (Gaon Chart)

5% Online Vote (voting through melon (*Korea Only)+mobile app ‘엠앤TV톡’)

<Making an account>

1) Go to the Google Play Store and download an application called “엠앤TV톡” (Picture Tutorial New)

Google Play (Android) : Click Here 

i-Tunes Store (Apple) : Click Here

If the app is not available in your country, here is the apk file of the app: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxu4grxy3sj65eu/net.ib.mn-78-v3.1.3.apk

2) Click on the yellow button that says “회원가입” to sign up.

3) Check both boxes and click the button that says “다음” at the bottom.

4) The following page should come up. Fill out your information and the bottom button should turn yellow.

5) The next page should ask for your phone number (to send a confirmation code). The default country is set to Korea, so press the tab on the left to find your country code (which you can look up on Google). After that, simply type in your phone number and wait for the text to arrive.

6) Now you’re done!


1) You should click on the TV icon on the top left corner and see a page like this. Click on “인기가요 사전 투표” (Inkigayo pre-votes)

2) Scroll down until you see Bangtan and press the yellow button to vote for them! You should get a pop-up window after pressing the vote button – just press the yellow button again and you’re done!

10% Live Voting (voting through melon (*Korea Only)+mobile app ‘엠앤TV톡’) (only top 3 artists are eligible)

<Live votes> 

1) To vote for Bangtan during the live airing of Inkigayo, go to the “인기가요” tab (refer to the screenshot above) and find the 투표 tab.

2) You’re allowed to start participating in the live voting at 3:40 pm KST so please check the time before voting!

35% SNS Score (Youtube + Twitter, uses Gaon’s Social Chart Rankings)

Keep Watched on Youtube Vote 

  • Don’t click [Repeat] to watch again,but closed the website and open again if you going watched again ! Don’t Play in Playlist!
  • Create Google Account using Google Mail! Login yo your youtube account Click Like on the MV !and than share the MV on twitter or Facebook
  • they are Video Bighit  & 1theK 
  • Streaming performances BTS on broadcast’s official channels: SBS    and sharing (+ liking/commenting) 

Twitter Vote 

  • 1 tag per tweet(just this #방탄소년단)
  •  Don’t tag&tweet with photo&another link
  • Tag at the end of messages

Example :

ex: ( tired #방탄소년단 ) “True”

ex: (NOW #방탄소년단 #상남자 ) “False”

<Votes On The Spot> 

  • Change Your Mobile phone time to korean time. if possible change the location to korea too.
  • When the MC Announce [Start Voting] , You can start send message to vote!.(Must After the MC annouce you can vote)
  • Send “방탄소년단” to number +00821245 or +821245 (International) 1245 (Lokal)
  • One Number Only can Vote Once

➔ Bangtan’s up against really tough competition so their chances of winning #1 this time are very slim, but let’s still vote for them to show our support! 

Note :

☆ Sales score(60%) – Gaon Comprehensive Sales
★ SNS Score (30%) – Gaon SNS Chart
☆ Viewers Advance Voting Score 5% –  SBS Mobile Application SOTY
★ Real-time voting score 10% – SMS & Broadcasting Participation via App

Credits :

jeongguks.co.vu & notoriouswag @ Twitter,@Bangtan_Thailand ,@jxs_JHopeXSuga via mae@#MYBTS,kpopstreamonline.blogspot.com,F(x)Holic


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