[Picture/Fancafe] From BTS_Jimin [140314]

From BTS_Jimin : 화이트데이라니!!! http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN/jbaQ/193

From BTS_JImin : what it’s a White Day!!! http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN/jbaQ/193


i’m Jimminie responsible for every strength and make you enjoyble for a long time i didn’t posted right hehe

Today going as well surely i’m doing the best for all in the stage of the broadcast finally i’m coming now~~ he he

however!! i come to find out for today it’s a white day??this time would you ok if i doing like this  kekekekekeke

Did you want  alot candy’s right? hehe

in a white Day if give a candy’s make you sense so thump ~~wish right?keke why girl’s

chocolate’s give for a man how does with candy’s ?! kekeke

and then im also okay with candy’s and chocolate’s but i want it but no chance to get it .

i’ll be uploads picture like this with holdings alot’s (chocolate&candy) ~he

Today before this time i wanna going eat (chocolate&candy) and holding of  alot chocolate ~>

(i’m permission within doing that because i shouldn’t gain my weight keke i’m eat only for today  ~~ Only Today!)

Credits :

Translate : Monster Bear@btsdiary

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