[BangtanStyle] BTS at Ize Magazine [140501]

Rap Monster (ize magazine) Charm’s MARINE HIDDEN SHIRTS 88,000 won / $85.35

Rap Monster (ize magazine)  Kokon To Zai (KTZ) YING YANG EMBROIDERED TOWELLING T-SHIRT £212 / $357.96

 photo rmpantscopy_zps0507ac49.jpg

Rap Monster (ize magazine)  Kokon To Zai (KTZ) United Short With Leggings SS/2014 £198 / $334.36

 photo rmheadbandcopy_zps799df4df.jpg

Rap Monster (ize magazine)  CHANCECHANCE  Chance Hairband Blue 15,000 won / $14.55

V (ize magazine) Charm’s SAILOR KNIT CARDIGAN _ WHITE 168,000 won / $162.95

 photo Vst2_zps44f050d7.jpg

V (ize magazine) Sewing Boundaries  TS0201 White 63,000 Won / $61.11

V (ize magazine) Pierre Hardy Limited Edition Dapperama Sneakers $541 S/O

 photo vv2_zps972c4dfb.jpg

V (ize magazine) ASSK Night Ryder Short T-shirt SS/2014 White 80€ / $110.86

V (ize magazine)  Melow Planet MelloW_joy invasion blouson (white)185,000 won /$185

 photo VSHOES_zps3ee33f1a.jpg

V (ize magazine) Nike Air Jordan 1 High OG  “Royal” Blue-Black $140

 photo vdenim_zps06a8e2cd.jpg


jk suga

Suga & Jungkook (ize magazine) 13month back flow T white 68,000 won / $65.96

Suga (ize magazine) Kokon To Zai (KTZ) COBRA EMBROIDERED TOWELING T-SHIRT £212 / $357.96

 photo sugaaabarett2_zps653b5be1.jpg

Suga (ize magazine)  Charms Charms Closer baret White/black 66,000 won /$64.55

Suga (ize magazine) Raf Simons White Patent Leather & Canvas High Top Sneakers $1,050

Suga (ize magazine) BLK DNM Light Blue Faded Denim Jacket $245

Jungkook (ize magazine)  13month 13 White Rugby Tshirt 54,000 won / $52.38

Jimin (ize magazine) Sewing Boundaries TS1101/02 87,000 won / $84.38

 photo jmhscopy_zps1b8af660.jpg

Jimin (ize magazine) 13month13  Highsuit sweatshirt white 78,000 won / $75.66

Jimin (ize magazine) Balmain Black Hi-Top Sneakers $1,075

J-Hope (ize magazine)  CHANCECHANCE OCCASION sweat shirt 67,000 won /$64.99

J-Hope (ize magazine) Sewing Boundaries KN0101 218,000 won / $211.45

 photo j-hopeshoess_zps66e06acb.jpg

J-Hope Nike Air More Uptempo /Black-White Retail $160

Jin (ize magazine) Charm’s ANCHOR NEOPRENE SWEAT SHIRT 108,000 won / $104.75

Jin (ize magazine)  Umit Benan White Tricolor Leather High-Top Sneakers $645

Jin (ize magazine) Sewing Boundaries  KN0201 190,000 won / $184.29

 photo jkrapmon_zps263b2ef8.jpg

Rap Monster (ize magazine) 13month 13 Blue Bandanas 20,000 won / $19.40

Jungkook (ize magazine) 13month 13 Black Bandanas  / $19.40

Credits :

@Kimbaoh_ & @btsdiary

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