[Interview/Trans] BTS ☆ Style Vol. 1 at Oricon Style [140521]

Vol. 1 What is a kind of group of BTS!? The road of the debut is….

After debut in Korea on June 2013 ago, BTS had win 5 Rookie Awards, and now have more spirit from the 7 members. It’s long awaited for Japan Debut BTS on June, 4! They have tough sound and overflowing full of good spirit HIP HOP performance. We share about forthcoming attractive personality of the members! First time commemoration, enthusiasm for Japan Debut of Bangtan Sonyeondan.

* Seems like our music—can give a fresh surprise everytime.

Congratulation for your Japan Debut!

[EVERYONE] : Thank you!! (Applause)

How is your feeling when you heard about the debut?

[SUGA] : Before i heard that Japan Debut, it was already processing Japanesse recording, but i though it will come someday. Actually, when I heard the words, i was surprised. Honestly, i thought it was so early.

[JUNGKOOK] :  I also had that moment, i was surprised. It feels happy at the same time, but i hadn’t to work hard more and more yet and also it’s not a new resolution, at once it feels crunch.

Did you had any celebration for everyone’s debut?

[RAP MONSTER] :  It’s not like a special party. From now, everyone remembered how hard the Japanesse Language. But we realized that BTS also had the Japanesse listeners. And i’ll work hard to get the love.

It has confirmed that seven members will had encumbrance again.

[JIMIN] : Yes! We are earnest. (Smile)

The last smile is about becomes a little worried

[RAP MONSTER] : That’s smile, it’s not like we aren’t serious.

What the really is..?

[JIMIN] : (In Japanesse) I’m sorry.. (Laugh)

[V] : Image is more and more…. (Laugh). We are serious, right!

[SUGA] : I think it’s really serious for music!

[J-HOPE] : It’s…..

[EVERYONE] : (Laugh)

Well, from now on you will continue the series, i think i’d like explore a lot about you.

[EVERYONE] : We understand!

What is kind of group of bts at the first, can u tell it?

[J-HOPE] : BTS is the group that make the originated music to speak the feelings of teenager. To stop against the prejudice and oppression of the world for teenager. Defense the music and impresive,  we are work on the listed feeling and trying to have our music.

[RAP MONSTER] : Not only teenager, the person who had 20’s the same as our, as the voice of all those who among suffer from a variety of conflict day by day. I think it has been encouragement some of you through our music. In divergent of stress, it’s nice when you’re able to supply the additional energy.

[SUGA] : Music is axis of the HIP HOP, to incorporate various genres, each music has different color, show you a variety of sound, and I think if you can give a fresh surprise every time.

* It was hard to had the mentally and physically daily lessons.

–But, I think you grabbed the road to debut to overcome a variety of difficulties and trials so far, do you have any hard moment to remember until now?

[SUGA] : There was a period of Trainee about three years ago, but It was hard to had the mentally and physically daily lessons. It was really hard because i had lessons while also for school. But, because that period, i think about my existence now. I think it was able to acquire a strong spiritual strength to overcome, even it was a little painful.

[J-HOPE] : I’m  in dancing lesson,  perfect breathing with everyone. The method was have to dance with tight to avoid turbulence. But, it’s even unchanged before debut until now.

[V] : (In Japanesse) I also had much in dance. But, i fight for buzy schedule. The most tough is sleepy.

[JIMIN] : Still sleepy until now ~ (Smile)

[V] : Yeah, just a little, sleepy. (Smile)

There’s Schedule until late,  so it’s like didn’t sleep well.

[V] : No, i slept a lot today (Smile). But, my eyes not completely open…. Haa~ (Sigh)

[J-HOPE] : Anything didn’t change as usual (Laugh)

[RAP MONSTER] : V looks the more noisy than the others

About Stoic. Jimin-Kun, when it as hard?

[JIMIN] : I wanted to show more cool appearance on the stage to fans, but it didn’t work.

[V] : That’s me right now. (Bitter Smile)

[SUGA] : We aren’t  in the stage right now. Fans isn’t looking at you, its ok!

Jimin-Kun also tough on himself.

[JIMIN] : I think it would be true for all members. Put away the regret later so it will be unpleasant. I think it’s hard always work hard to have a good stage.

[JUNGKOOK] : I, there was a time when i really doubt to become a singer when the first i become a dancer. I I like dancing anyway. And i also had feeling that i want to go just with one (dance). Now, thus i  can achieve both of dancing and singing as BTS. I think it’s really happy.

[RAP MONSTER] Jungkook, once you have choosen is dance that so hard for us (Laugh). So, it was really good. We are also happy.


[JIN] : My friends gone into army, can’t  meet the parents at the time of the Trainee, it feels lonely. But difficult feeling to express in words is when the debut was decided, brittle tears become overwhelmed. After the showcase was over, although I also had similar feelings, and i ‘m the oldest member, holding back with a jerk and i did not shed tears.

[JUNGKOOK] : Cooooool! That’s the real eldest son of  BTS.

The last, when it was hard for Rap Monster-Kun?

[RAP MONSTER] : Something happen recently after debut, i  confided for the first time today.

[JIMIN] :  Oo~! What! ?

[RAP MONSTER] : Since i had a lot of serious talk and serious lyrics everyday, i often be consultant of trouble from people around me and those hardness fans. I’m happy to be consultant.  Honesty, i’m not a positive type so much. My depression (Melancholy) aura is gone spread, there are times when it becomes a little painful. Though there are many sad events or accident, since music by my side, it will change my feeling  to cry any time. I can crying after listening the music. I was able to replenish the power while laughing.

[JIMIN] : It’s a good story~!

[V] : It’s serious after all!!

[JIMIN] : Yeah, i’m sorry! (Laugh)

And, the enthusiasm of carrying out of your performing series now, do you have a message?

[RAP MONSTER] : We start the series of ORICON STYLE that great artists BIGBANG and many senior was the presence of longing has been published, it’s an honor. We will continue to vigorously active in Japan  from now on! A little about BTS to you through this series, i’m glad to get love. BTS, in the end…..

[EVERYONE] : Thank you!


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Credits :

Oricon Style

Translate : Cherry@btsdiary


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