[Picture/Fansitesnap] BTS at Gimpo Airport Heading to Japan [140606]

Please Don’t Crop & Edit Picture and The Logo !!!

-For More Picture You Can come and seeing the fansite.you can seeing Link Fansite in PAGE A.R.M.Y –

Credits :

Sweetstrike ,Hope Smiling ,Suga can Fly,chu?chu!chu♡,Improving Jin,Your Nation,Killing Groove,I Like It JM,Addiction,BABY V,Night Breeze,Beautiful Dark Twisted,Suga Port,ChaCha9339,Red Blossom JK,Warmstar JK,Winter Flow,Pink Ade,Sattelite,Pink Piece,I’m Your Nuna,First Crush,Miningfull moment,Marshmallow9293


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