[Interview/Trans] [Starcast] BTS, crisscrosses LA! [140725]

Maybe ‘brilliant’ word is used at this time. LA’s weather was clear, and BTS’s expression of who crisscrossed LA looked happy. BTS flew to LA for their comeback album work and reality program shooting.
[LA Freedom! That brilliant sunshine!]

The first day of their arrival in America was perfect since they had no recording or reality shooting. BTS found LA Dodger Stadium for the first place of their visit! It would have been perfect if player Hyun-Jin Ryu was the first runner, but we could not see ‘Korean Monster’ Hyun-Jin Ryu. Kershaw was at the mound this day. (Promising for the meeting of RAP MONSTER and ‘Korean Monster’ next time…)
They were all busy taking photos before entering the LA Dodger Stadium since they had come for their first time. Taking photos then seeing the scene!
Audiences in the stadium all radiated heat hotter than the sun. BTS also started to watch the game enthusiastically after seating themselves! (* We have taken lots of pictures of them cheering, but it did not pass the evaluation due to their excessive anxiety and roars. Please understand *)
BTS, who had spent every energy watch the game, suddenly appealed their hunger. They headed to ‘In-N-Out Burger’ in order to alleviate their ‘hunger’ which is the hardest to control among appetites. BTS all considered deeply of what to eat by looking up the menu.
But the youngest JUNG KOOK showed an embarrassing smile and stepped back. “I’m still not friendly with English. Other members appeared carrying full of hamburgers at the time when the youngest laughter was fading away. Everybody went into the eating mode after giving daily food to the youngest!
But V picked up a camera instead of a hamburger in order to shoot members’ image. V, who had the attitude of “I will take pictures, so eat”, headed his angle toward RAP MONSTER, SUGA, and BTS’s noisy couple J-HOPE and JIMIN.
J-HOPE who is busy eating and posing, and JIMIN who shows his determination of eating first~
BTS headed to Santa Monica seashore by patting their full bellies. We couldn’t take pictures much since we busily played. But we have took photos in the other beach where they visited for shooting, so we will release them after 60 seconds. Don’t go too far away~ Healthy BTS felt their free time since they left the plane, starting from the stadium to In-N-Out Burger and the seashore!
[Filming in LA! BTS shooting!]
The honey-like free time of the first time ended, and they started to shoot their reality program earnestly. They visited LA attractions without missing any of them. Shooting as if not shooting~ BTS’s reality shooting progressed excitingly like this.
This is at the Hollywood Walk of Fame! J-HOPE and JIN acted as they came out for playing in the town, but they could not hide their ‘excitement’ full in their eyes
JIMIN, who looked around right in front of the turned camera, was caught. He was a pure boy whose eyes went big whenever they went out to the crowded streets even though it had been long since they arrived in US. JIMIN could not pass his usual idol Michael Jackson’s star copperplate.
The youngest line in BTS; JIMIN, JUNG KOOK, and V took commemorative pictures at the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
Let’s go to the seashore that we noticed before. Here is Manhattan Beach in LA. V and JUNG KOOK photosynthesized as much as they liked this day. But the point that they got sunburns slightly on their faces is the flaw;;;
Standing on the beach sand is best when stepping on with bare foot! (Today’s fashion tip: If the shoes are burdening, you may use them as props like this.)
They are in their youth since they can jump! This is the proof shot which one needs to leave, if one has come to a beach.
[Behind the Scene! BTS resting!]
What would BTS’s daily life outside the broadcast camera angle be like? In three words; Sleep, Game, Jokes!
There were long moving times since they had to crisscross LA for shooting. They lacked sleeping since they had to work on their music at night after the shooting was done. So they kept on sleeping short in cars, and meeting with ‘deep-sleep god’ whenever they put their heads together in the accommodation.
But the youngest JUNG KOOK played with the camera even when other members were sleeping.
BTS’s turbulent LA shooting continues. If you’re curious of the detail story, please watch BTS’s ‘American Hustle Life’ on Mnet, every Thursday, 8 p.m.
The reason why JIMIN is dressed up so ?~tastic in LA? Guess the story together, readers. The answer will be released next week~
Writing/Picture= BigHit Entertainment


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