[Video/Engsub] BTS American Hustle Life


Ep. 1 [140724]

min suga subs


Army Base Subs

Mnet Cut Ep.1 engsub

Army Base Subs

Unreleased Video Excited Bangtan Boys who are inside the airplane headed towards America

Unreleased Video Bangtan Boys playing by themselves in the airplane

Unreleased Video Bangtan Boys J-Hope vs American street dancer

Ep. 2 [140731]


Army Base Subs

Mnet Cut Ep.2 engsub

Army Base Subs

Ep.2 Unpublished Video : BTS Cheerfull on the way after shopping

Ep. 2 Unpublished Video : Irrelevant Charms V

Ep.2 Unpublished Video : BTS , Pure and clean V with the penalties lesson 

Ep.2 Unpublished Video : BTS Jimin,rapidly into madam In America 

Ep. 2 Unpublished Video : BTS .Bargaining laws in America 

Ep. 3 [1400807]


Army Base Subs

Mnet Cut Ep.3 engsub

Army Base Subs

Ep. 3 Unpublished Video : Suga,V,Jungkook! Diffrent Seeing Fireworks be Possessed by another member  ?! 

Ep. 3 Unpublished Video : BTS V, On the spot English Interview! V doing good revealed jungkook profession?!

Ep. 3 Unpublished Video : BTS V,Suga ,Jungkook Acrobatics Skateboard ?!

Ep. 3 Unpublished Video : BTS Jimin,Suprised transformation to be a  Dance teacher for Jin!

Ep. 3 Unpublished Video : BTS Jimin,’ Do You Like Yoghurt?’

Ep. 4  [140814]


Army Base Subs

Mnet Cut Ep.4 engsub

Army Base Subs

Ep. 4 Unpublished Video : Suga desparation with Rap,V Meditation Time,Jungkookie straching back? where the end of the 4D charm

Ep. 4 Unpublished Video  : V and Jungkook make Conspiracy? watched the ice cream! 

Ep. 4 Unpublished Video : We Know Rapmon and jiminie doing right now. Perfectly prediction!

Ep. 4 Unpublished Video : Suga,V, JungKook Lovely act?! Fanserviced Released!

Ep. 4 Unpublished Video : J-Hope,Jin and Youtube Star Dance Time together ! We’re both youtube star ?!

Ep. 4 Unpublished Video : Less awakened V.half awaked and half a sleep like a drunks?!

Ep. 5  [140821]

Army Base Subs

Mnet Cut Ep.5 engsub

Army Base Subs

Ep. 5 Unpublished Video : MNET =Warren G?unexpectedly since beginning the boys admire to MNET!

Ep. 5 Unpublished Video : Jungkook : I really want Growing up from a kid into mature  (?) in Complain time!

Ep. 5 Unpublished Video : V Choose (?) Danger Love.Jungkook Thingking (?) Pure Love  

Ep. 5 Unpublished Video : BTS Interview Behind The Scene! “Because anger pushed the Butt” sparks was born?!

Ep. 5 Unpublished Video : The climax V,Jimin ,J-Hope! Today we have kendrick lamar (?) more get out well!

Ep. 6  [140828]

min suga subs

Army Base Subs

Mnet Cut Ep.6 engsub

Army Base Subs

Ep. 6 Unpublished Video : Jin Self-cam Released !! Amazed to rapmonster and Couple dance with J-Hope ?!

Ep. 6 Unpublished Video : BTS Golden Maknae ! Happy Birthday Jungkookie ♡

EP 6 Unpublished Video : jeon jungkook rival  Choo sarang ?! still didn’t end Jungkookie showing eats grapes!

Ep. 6 Unpublished Video : inside the members appereance at  ‘상남자’ Boy In Luv America Version MV scene 

Ep. 7[140904]

Army Base Subs X Bangtan Subs

Mnet Official Cut :

Army Base Subs

Ep. 7 Unpublished Video : Jimin,I immediately became a CF Star Next Generation! Coffe and Doughnut ?!

Ep. 7 Unpublished Video : Announcement MVP on Basketball Game! Dugu dugu dugu *indeed who’s will be the official gold medalist winner  of AHL ?!

Ep. 7 Unpublished Video : What happen with BTS During Interview? Behind The Story will be revealed!

EP. 7 Unpublished Video : the cat ignored Jungkook! Can be Jimin closed with the cat?

Ep. 8[140911] (END)

Army Base Subs

Credits :

Video Translate : Minsuga ,Bangtansubs,ARMY BASE SUBS

21 thoughts on “[Video/Engsub] BTS American Hustle Life

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOOKIE!!! YAY. Sos i soo had to do this b4 12 cause its still his bday in SOKO. Happy Bday my to the Agi of BTS!!! MUCH LOVE xxx 😀

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