[Info] BTS 1st fansigning Dark & Wild in China [140930]

BTS fansign Announcement
<Dark & Wild > First fansign in China
Time: 2014. Oct. 5 13:00- 14:30
Place: Beijing Yizhuang BHG Mall (Beijing Hualian Lippo Shopping Mall) [北京亦庄 BHG Mall (北京华联亦宝购物中心)]
Registering time:  Oct 5 start from 10AM
-Registering time start from 10AM, please bring your ID card for sign on and receive ticket for fansign.
-One album will be given when receive the ticket, only one album will be signed per person.
-Artists will ONLY signed on the album that have ”音乐商城” logo, “to sign” only Korean or English name  can use.
-Don’t forget your member card, there will be special fan welfare that day.
[Special Note]
Please “DO NOT” bring any gift on fansign, especially the gifts like commodity (toy, doll) and food (meat, fruit). Due to the Korean law that excessive commodity will paid extra tax. Also, the food can not bring back to Korea.
However, the letters for artists are acceptable and nice way to show the support for artists. So please give and bring more letter to
Credits :
音悦商城 Via BTS ARMY
Translate : Vivily@btsdiary

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