[Twitter/Trans] BTS Twitter [141006]

@bts_twt : 아이 다녀왔습니다~

다들 수고하셨습니다~_ [Jimin]

Trans @bts_twt :

Aye I’m home~

Thank you for your efforts, everyone~_[Jimin]

@bts_twt : 정국아 자면 안댘vㅋㅋㅋㅋ [V]

Trans @bts_twt : Jungkook-ah, you can’t sleepvㅋㅋㅋㅋ [V]

@bts_twt : 김마왕 [Rap Monster] 

Trans @bts_twt : Kim Devil  [Rap Monster] 

@bts_twt : 안뇽안뇽 [Suga]

Trans @bts_twt : Hello Hello [Suga]

@bts_twt : 프린스는 올해 57세다. 근데 난 아직도 그의 음악에서 20대의 향기를 느낀다. 진짜 젊게 산다 섹시한 감성을 지녔음. 옛날에 모두가 천재라고 했을 때 이해하지 못했는데 점점 이해가 되고 있다. 꼭 들어보시길 [Rap Monster]

Trans @bts_twt : Prince will be 57 years old this year. However, I can still smell the fragrance of a 20 year old from his music. He lives youthfully, and carries a sexy sensitivity. When people called him a genius long ago, I didn’t understand but now I’m gradually understanding. I hope you listen to it  [Rap Monster]

@bts_twt : 잘 준비 끝
잘자요 [V]

Trans @bts_twt : Preparation end well

Good Night [V]

@bts_twt : 우린 이제 씻고 자려고요
잘자 굿나잇! [Jimin]

Trans @bts_twt :

We’ll now wash up and then go to sleep.

Sleep well, goodnight!

Credits :

Translate : Mary @ bts-trans,Monster Bear@btsdiary,stella @ bts-trans,wonnie@bts-trans,Nika@bts-trans,

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