[Info] BTS 1st Asia Tour : BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET in Bangkok,Thailand

Date & Time : December 20th.2014. 4PM

Place : Chaengwattana Hall, 5th floor, Central Plaza Chaengwattana.

Ticket Opens :

Pre Sale Nov 8th,2014 on Korean Cultural Center, Sukhumvit 15-17 (Opposite Sukhumvit Plaza (Korean Town), Sukhumvit 12) at 11:00 AM – 04:00 PM. (All price tickets will be sold.)

Public Sale November 9th, 2014 at 10:00 AM via www.thelimethailand.com.

For ticket reservation information, please contact thelimeticket@gmail.com or Hot Line 095-417-0128, 095-417-0129, 095-417-0132.

Price :

Zone Blue (Standing A) 4,500 Bath

Zone Red (B1,B2) 3,500 Bath

Zone Green ( C1,C2) 2,500 Bath

Zone Yellow (D1,D2) 1,500 Bath

Floor Plan :

Exclusive Event Hi-Touch with BTS

Hi-Touch ** event will be held on Friday, December 19th, after a press conference at approximately 17:00 / 18:00 , Hi-Touch Participants must register at 15:00. (Details will be notice again soon). **

Rules of Like & Share Activity for Exclusive Hi-Touch with BTS

1. Click Like the Lime (Thailand) fan page.
2. Click Like and comment the post in this following topic “If you are a lucky winner to get a chance to Hi-Touch with BTS, Which costume would you like to wear?” The comments which have the top 10 highest Like will be the lucky fans in this activity.
3. Share the post to your wall, then tag 7 friends and type these hashtags; #theLimeThailand and #BTSLiveTrilogyinBKK on the caption. (Don’t forget to set the post in public.)
4. Change your cover photo to this activity photo.

Terms & Conditions of BTS Like & Share Activity

1. The contestants must do all 4 steps of the rules.
2. The 10 lucky winners must have BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY in Bangkok ‘Episode II.The Red Bullet’ tickets in hands only!
3. The period of Like & Share activity is 15 October -14 November 2014
4. The 10 lucky winners will be announced on the Lime (Thailand) fan page on Monday, 17 November, 2014.
5. The decision of the promoter is our possession. We reserve the right to change the rules and conditions of this activity without advanced notice.

Highlight for ARMY
Every fans who buy concert ticket will have chance to be 1 of 240 fan to get hi-touch with BTS

– 1st Lucky
For fans who buy ticket on presale date ,All prices all zones ,you will have chance to be 1 of 120 lucky fans by random after selling ticket finish . The lucky list name will posted on The lime facebook page

– 2nd Lucky
For fans who buy ticket on www.thelimethailand.com since 9 Nov to 30 Nov . you have chance to be lucky fans too . more 120 Lucky fans will randomed from ticket price
60 fans for 4,500 ticket price
30 fans for 3,500
20 fans for 2,500
10 fans for 1,500

More Information : The Lime – Thailand FB 


Credits :

The Lime – Thailand FB Via BTS_Thailand

Video Engsub : Uploader

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