red bullet ok

Info Link :

17-19 Oct. 2014 Seoul,Korea @AX-Korea . Info : Click Here 

13-14 Nov.2014 Kobe,Japan @Kobe Kokusai Hall. Info : Click Here 

16 Nov.2014 Tokyo,Japan @Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A. Info : Click Here 

07 Dec.2014 Manila,Philippines @MOA Arena. Info : Click Here | Follow @happeesy 

13 Dec.2014 Singapore,Singapore@Star Theatre . Info : Click Here | Follow @Threeanglespro 

20 Dec.2014 Bangkok,Thailand@Chaengwattana Hall. Info : Click Here 

8 thoughts on “[Info] BTS 1st Asia Tour : BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET

  1. GUYS I’m sure you heard already but it has been said many Armyz left the fandom because of the whole condom thingy it has also been said that Jin cried during rehearsals because he feels bad and blames hisself. To show our support to jin and BTS we’re trending #WELOVEYOUPRINCESSJIN as well as #WeLoveYouBTSKimSeokjin Comment with these hashtags on their fb,twitter,official channel and fancafe! Let’s show our support to them! And show them we love them,and always will!

  2. Please come to Malaysia! My friend found a video of them doing “Apa khabar” which means How do you do in my language so I’m a little confused if they actually did come to Malaysia.. Please reply back as I am very confused..

    1. Maybe that’s Greeting video Best of Best concert in Indonesia on May 23rd. That’s video Published by SH Entertainment “Apa kabar” in Indonesia means “how are you?”

  3. Hi … admin….
    Its nice that i found this ….. i can be more close now to BTS …
    Thank you very much ….. keep up a good work .. 😊

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