[Interview/Trans][STARCAST] Come in, Come in, Come into BTS’s concert waiting room~ [141022]

Gwangjang-dong, Seoul was excited during October 17th to 19th. Due to whom? Because of BTS~ BTS’s first concert in life was held in AX-KOREA for 3 days. Let’s go to the heat of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night which excited the concert hall!
[Rehearsal scene, 5 hours before the concert started!]
BTS’s rehearsal started since early time. Since it was their first solo concert in life, the concert hall air was full of tension and thrill. Main vocal JUNG KOOK focused on rehearsal by putting away his mischief.
JUNG KOOK “I’m BTS’s main vocal!”
RAP MONSTER practiced by wearing a mask due to dust. JIMIN who is beside him is attractive. What is he so happy about? His laugh didn’t stop. He’s even happy when walking out with SUGA.
RAP MONSTER “Since my voice is precious~”
SUGA “What is that laugh? That laugh seems like an eye-smile is engraved on him”
Born-in-95’ friends, V and JIMIN played jokes on each other whenever they had eye contacts. JIMIN handed over the mike to V at his part!
V “You’re part is mind and my part is mine too~”
When picking out the best stage from this concert, ‘Cyper’ could not be left out! When those that were at the scene think of that stage feels electrified, right? 3-membered rapper-line, RAP MONSTER, SUGA, and J-HOPE performed elastic rap~ ‘Supreme Boi’ appeared as a guest in the real concert but V took the role instead when doing rehearsal.

V “Infected by JIMIN? I cannot stop laughing too!”

They are lastly checking ‘Blanket Kick’ which is listed in the regular album <DARK & WILD>. Since the stage used bed and sofa as props, checking the movements was necessary!

SUGA “Everyone pay attention to my rap!”

[Waiting room! 2 hours before the concert started]
BTS finished preparing! And there’s another flower inside the flowers. (Oh… did this make you feel goose-bumps so much?) JUNG KOOK left a proof-shot by hugging the flowerpot which STARCAST team had sent!

JUNG KOOK “JUNG KOOK over flowers”

Elders cannot lose. JIN, V, and J-HOPE all stood against the youngest with one accord. However, it was never consistent!

“Oh, three of their poses are posed all differently….”

They could not win the youngest. JUNG KOOK had showed off unique affection by making ‘N’ that symbolizes NAVER before.

Elder-line (JIN, SUGA, RAP MONSTER, J-HOPE) are all relaxing in the waiting room after finishing preparation. RAP MONSTER who practiced so hard had some pain in his shoulders. There was this sad happening behind his dance full of feel ㅠㅠ

Costumes were sharply prepared for BTS to change into it quickly. Official fan club name ‘ARMY’ was stuck on the outfit. Boys so delicate~ Now, there’s not much time left until the start of the concert!

JIMIN “Everyone, Are you Ready?”

[Being powerful sometimes, being feeble and stupid sometimes! Concert STARTS!]
You have seen charismatic BTS’s stage a lot, right? So we have prepared sweet BTS’s image today. There love song ‘Blanket Kick’ stage started… but why are there only 6 members? Where is JUNG KOOK?

JUNG KOOK “I’m beneath the blanket”

“Holding on the shoulder to have a deep kiss (partial lyric from ‘Blanket Kick’)”

The song was definitely a love song, but boys upon stage were full of energy. No, no~ couple up there in the left! You guys might have an affair. Beeeep~ for adults only!

Also another sweet song ‘Miss Right’ stage followed. It was a stage which ‘this is the singing-along!’ could be felt thanks to audiences. Members praised, “Our fans are all good at singing~”!

“Yes you’re my only girl You’re the best to me! (Partial lyric of ‘Miss Right’)”

The concert that ran for 150 minutes without a break ended finally. Ah~ They performed really hard.

“Thank you for coming to the concertㅠㅠ”

[After the concert was over, sitting alone in the waiting room♬]
At the waiting room after the concert on the first day was finished. Everyone seems moving. RAP MONSTER looked at something for a long time. When we made a closer look, we found out that it was the slogan which audiences held at the encore stage.

RAP MONSTER “Let’s be together, forever (Slogan phrase)”

JUNG KOOK has an expression as if he has lost his soul. SUGA, a guy with no tears that seems like he wouldn’t cry even when offering sacrifices to spirits, were in tears today.

JUNG KOOK “We did hold a concert, right? I feel vacant”

SUGA “I almost cried upon the stage~”

There was an energetic kid in the middle of this. This kid was JIMIN! It seems that the image of ‘Blanket Kick’ stage doesn’t go away yet. He hugs JUNG KOOK who is saturated in emotions.

JIMIN “Shall I perform the ‘Blanket Kick’ choreography once again~?”

At the last day of the concert which was held for 3 days. Is it really over~? Really~?♬ There was sad expressions on faces of BTS that came back after finishing the encore stage.

“I feel great even though I’m soaked with sweat~”

JUNG KOOK, J-HOPE “Concert finished! Will you be with our second concert too?”

JIMIN “This concert was great!? OH!”

“Will you accompany with us on our way?”

Spinoff: [Huge fan of BTS that appeared in the practicing room!]
2 huge fans rushed into the practicing room when BTS’s rapper-line, RAP MONSTER, SUGA, and J-HOPE were practicing ‘Cyper’! Who would be those ‘huge fans of BTS’?


[Preview of next episode]
BTS has the activity of their next song ‘War of Hormone’ ahead after finishing their concert! Guess what happened at the shooting set of new concept picture and MV?

Writing/Picture/Video= BigHit Entertainment

Credits :
Translate : Naver starcast
Video Via armYMe95
Engsub Video : ARMY BASE SUBS

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