[Trans] BTS at Haru Hana Magazine Vol. 22 (Member Talk) [141022]


Q :  What is the origin of your real name?

RM: My real name is 김남준,Hanja is written as金南俊。It is difficult to write Hanja… I usually forget how to write. It named by my parents,南 means ‘South Korea’. The meaning of my name is ‘the genius from South” Something like that..

SUGA:  My real name is민윤기,I save the my Hanja name in my cell phone…Ah,I got it. It is written as 閔玧其。“其”is generation name (in one family, the people from same generation will have one common character in their name),name old brother also use this character。I not understand the origin of the name (smile). Maybe it hope I can grow up and live my life well.


Q: What was the turning point when you guys relationship became better?

RM:  SUGA hyung moved into dorm was after me three months later. Although it was our first meet and we needed to live together immediately, we should became closer somehow. (smile) There is a park near our dorm, we just went their and ate some snacks and chat. Talked about things like girlfriend in junior high school… When talked about the girl, boys will become closer immediately (smile)

SUGA: (smile) Our relationship was not only became closer, through the music, the distance between us was closer. There was evaluation in the end of each month when we were trainees. We were in same group and wrote song together. It is an important reason.

Also,Jimin is working really hard, so I take care of him since we are trainees. I want to treat him better when I see he is working hard. J-HOPE sometimes ask me many question about music. I am not good at making friend, but J-HOPE come to me actively, so we become closer.


Q : What will you do to make each other happy in one hour?

RM: I don’t need one hour, I can make him happy in three seconds. The way is talk to him that “We got the vacation, we can go home ! ”It is the happiest point when hyung hear this. And then after one hour, I called him and apologized to him that I lied to him. “I lied to you, sorry~ (in Japanese)”

SUGA: Well~. I, will talk rap mon to restaurant and let him eat some delicious meats. If i do this he will  be happy. Actually we usually go to restaurant together. The working usually end at morning, we usually go back to dorm after eating something if we feel hungry. We pay our meal separately, right?

RM: No,please buying my dinner~

SUGA: It’s not pay separately every time, but the person who have money will pay the bill. But it almost we paid half and half.


[J-Hope x Jimin] 2SHOT PART 

Q: What is the origin of your real name?

J-Hope: My real name is 정호석, Hanja is 鄭號錫. I heard that it named by my parents when they went to temple. It means that “the name will spread to whole country”

Jimin: My real name is 박지민, Hanja is written as 朴智旻. It means “my wisdom will higher than sky” and it named by my grandfather.


Q: What was the turning point when you guys relationship became better?

J-Hope: Jimin is the first person who came to our company, and I was the person who picked up him. The first impression is that, he is a dork just from Busan to capital city. And now, it just totally different (smile). Jimin and I are good at dancing. When I asking “Which kind of dance you good at?” And we just practiced until morning, since that our relationship became better. This kid sometimes may be a little frivolous but he also have the side that very serious. We also went out, went to restaurant and talked a lot.

Jimin: Yes, that’s right. I learned a lot things about dancing from hyung. And hyung is the one who have optimistic personality that he can make friends with anyone. So we just become close to each other. But, at first when he introduced me to others, he called me “Jimin ssi” right? So, I also said, “Ho, Hoseok ssi…” (smile). It was embarrassed at that time (smile).


Q: What will you do to make each other happy in one hour?

J-Hope: I think Jimin will be happy if I said I will buy him some food (smile). Ah, if I buy him some pants, he will be happy. Recently, he usually yelling that,” hyung, I don’t have pants to wear, what should I do~? ” in the dorm (smile). Although I’m not really buy him any pants. But I said “wear this” and share my favorite clothes to him. I also usually buy some foods to him.

Jimin: I can make J-Hope hyung smile easily, just need one minute. If he see I am bearing the pain or doing actions looks very hard, he will be happy. (V: For example, when Jimin wants to sit down and someone just pulling chair out. When seeing Jimin fall down, not only J-Hope but all of us will laugh.) Everyone said that my reaction was huge and funny. Also, they said I use hopeless face and yelling like “ Wa~ahahahah~” …I just really hate thing like that! (smile)



Q What is your origin of your real name

V: My real name is 김태형,Hanja is written as金泰亨。亨means all wishes come to trues,“everything will be alright, even facing difficult situation”this kind of meaning. My grandfather is a Naming master(a person who study people’s name and create name for other as a career  ),he gave this name to me. The meaning of my father and me are similar.

JUNGKOOK: My real name is 전정국,Hanja is written as田柾國. This was named by my grandfather who has passed away, I don’t know the origin(smile)。Maybe it means be a central or pillars of the nation something like that.

JIN: My real name is김석진,Hanja is written as金碩珍。My grandfather named this for me,the meaning is“be a great treasures”. I really like it!


Q If you have one hour, what will you do to make【JIN】happy?

V: I will find some interesting animation which Jin hyung haven’t see  and recommend to him. And then in one minute, no, he will be happy in 5 second !

JUNGKOOK: Oh , I see。 I’m 5 years younger than Jin hyung…What can make him happy?(smile)

JIN:  It doesn’t matter with age~

JUNGKOOK:I think it is better to talk animation with him, eat something delicious, and stay with him.

JIN: Ah ,If you do that I will be happy. Sometimes when I cooks, Jung kook help me, doing things like washing rice, cutting onion, cooking meat something like that. He really help me a lot.
Q If you have one hour, what will you do to make【Jung Kook 】happy?

JIN: I will bring Jung kook to restaurant. My parents and I already brought him to restaurant several times. He looks happy when went to the restaurant that Busan does have. I also feel happy. Have we eaten meat in the restaurant?
JUNGKOOK: Yes, it delicious!

V: I want to do “situational skits”. We usually start acting when our eyes meet. The subject change with situation every time, for example, when I feel sad, I see Jung Kook’s eyes and suddenly kneel down. And then Jung Kook also do it…

JIN: This was real happened. Although I was not join them and just looked. And thought that “Ah, it’s happen again” (smile)

V: Sometimes, we also acting the skits like we look into each others eyes and then fall in love. In that time, Jung Kook will start singing BGM“dan dan dan——♪”himself。We also acting when we eating。(start acting again. Pretending eating and then suddenly stop the hand, and then raise hands, look to each others eyes,“Bounce!!”show the expression looks like fall in love.)I just want to acting a little,Jung Kook is the only one who do this nice and natural with me.。I also did this with Jimin several times before, but not better then with Jung Kook……。(JIMIN: It seems I need to learn more)


Q If you have one hour, what will you do to make【 V 】happy??

JUNGKOOK: I will let him perform some funny short skits an he will laugh in 20 seconds. Also, hyung like doing ‘situational skits’

JIN: V and I are gourmet, maybe we can spend one hour eating dessert. The delicious dessert will make him happy even I do nothing.

V: Exactly. Eating is happiness. I said that before. When in the trainee period, Jin hyung and I usually go to restaurant together after training class. Everyone just went home right after class, only we eating something delicious everyday after class.

JIN: Well, I don’t like the fried rice cake from standard set, so I found something tastes delicious… The food we ate like, Vietnamese foods, jajangmyeon, BBQ, sashimi, oden,  eisbein, pizza… I seems that we actually ate lot of food before. (smile)


Q Apart from family, friends, FANmusiclist three things that you are thanks for your existence

JIN: bed, rice, and entertainment. Because I am simple person, even just eating something, I will fell happy (smile). Although I fell full, I still want to eat some. But I think it’s not something good. If I’m not hungry I want sleep all day, this is how I real love sleep. I really like rolling around on the bed.    I like entertainment and feel great because it can change my mood. For example, “I wanna feel high today” them watch some HAPPY movies. It is easy to get emotion from movie, tv drama, comic books and animation, so i really like it.

JUNGKOOK: It is difficult for me since there are lot of things can choose. Well.. Maybe home, computer, mobile phone. Because I can play high quality game with computer. Also, I can rolling on my bed and use KAKAOTALK with my cell phone. And, it will be difficult for me if I don’t have home (smile)

V Mobile phone,headphone,clothes. I really like clothes(JIMIN:Although V is really care about fashion, he still feel shy when stand in front of us , he usually stay in the room , lock the door and tried a lot of clothes in front of mirror) I refer actor, Ryu Seung Bum.(류승범)and American model, Cole Mohr as my fashion model. I think they can show their own expression very well and it’s really cool.
Q What was the change for you three became better

JIN: Jung Kook and I were the people who join the training in the same day. We were not friendly at first day, but when we practiced together, ate together, we became close to each other. V and I became better was since we both like animation.

V: Ah, Jin hyung and I were awkward at first. Jin hyung make people fell unfriendly. I was always thought that how to improve our relationship until both of us sleep in the upper bunk, that was the tuning point. One day, Jin hyung was watching animation on his bed and I asking what was he looking at, and it is my favorite animation! I also like animation, so we chat a lot. Hyung sometimes borrows me animation, he also recommend some animation.

JIN: The films from famous directors like Mamoru Hosoda and Hayao Miyazaki, I always watch twice a day, then V and I talk about films, this is the level of how we like animation.

V: Also, we both like finding some nice restaurant, and usually go out and eat something. This habit is really similar. The relationship with Jung kook is just like same age friends.
JK: We are just in-sync, the relationship suddenly became better was because we both went to the vocal training.

V : Jung Kook was a little shy in the dorm, he become better after he became closer with me. And he also less worry about the relationship with other and more close to everyone.
Q: think about the activities from past until now, please tell as something that you want to thanks to others and the good aspect of others.

JIN: I think that V is the person who will done the things when he decide to do it. And the spirit that want to challenge things are very good.

JK: He also good at selfie. Hahaha. He is versatile. He look at camera on the stage and express himself really well.

V: I think not only me, everyone also do well, right~?  Jung Kook treat music as his life, this is worth to learn. When go to bed, sleeping, he just listens to music everyday.

JIN: When I down something wrong on the stage, like the dancing problem, he will run to me and tell me that “You can do this and it will become better ” and teach me dancing. Although when I said “teach me!”  he usually said “no”, he still come and help me when I really need him.
JK: In fact, when I just came to Seoul and  did not understand everything, it was Jin hyung help me a lot. I love you~



Q: think about the activities from past until now, please tell as something that you want to thanks to others and the good aspect of others

SUGA: Although three of them are younger than me, they treat problems and worl like adult, that is quite awesome. Especially Rap Monster, Although his age is the middle in our group, he do very well even on the stage or daily life as a leader. I really thank about this.
RM: I also want to thank to SUGA hyung for lots of things. Sometimes I think I need to examine myself when I look to SUGA hyung, he is a mirror-like existence. People always be limited by the image that setting by themselves and the environment. However, after I chat with hyung, he will make me thought what kind of person I am. If talk form the good part, it makes me feel nervous.
J-HOPE: I think the best one is Jimin. How to say that, he used to miss 2% somehow, it was a problem that if he could stay in the group until the final stage. But just like everyone see today, he dances really well on the stage and also have sense of presence. It is the result of efforts. When look at him examine his movement in the mirror, and the work hard on vocal training. I always feel very good, He have a lot of aspect that worth me to learn.

JIMIN: Not like that, J-Hope hyung also really well … (shy). He is always very optimistic, because of him, I also become happy.
J-HOPE: Hahaha. I’m the person that will enjoy the moment. If asked about the happiness moment in my life, I must answer “this moment” something like that!

JIMIN :Fans are also like you。In the previous fan meeting, the fans of hyung were always say “Hya~!” seems everyone are very optimistic (smile)


Q: How members celebrate their birthday after you debuted?

 RM: We always bring out birthday cake for the person at 12 AM and give him a surprise.
J-HOPE:  Sometimes it might be late or small, but must have a cake. We already celebrated all members birthday like this.

RM: It will be sad, if only one person didn’t get the blessing, right? However, you don’t give presents.

J-HOPE: We are the presents (smile). At V’s birthday, we meet K.will senpai and took a photo with him. (V: I didn’t know anything at that time, K.will senpai also born on 30th December. He told to me that “V, today is your birthday, right? Happy birthday” I was really happy. )
Q : Apart from family, friends, FANmusiclist three things that you are thanks for your existence

JIMIN “ Ah.…It is difficult…。First is clothes, then food. Because I really like earing. And then is the rest time. I didn’t have any habit actually. If really said one, it might be dancing,  however I like drawing recently. I drawing for my younger brother when I was child, and now, I want to do drawing again~

RM: It’s really difficult…Microphone and, Epik High. This is my turning point that I start doing music. And also the Bang PD, help me to achieve the person who I am now.

J-HOPE: Bangtan, BIGHIT…(smile). Finally, is headphone. Because ears are important (smile) The headphones that I use on the car are basically received from fans.

SUGA: Water, oxygen …I think it is not a good answer if I said this (smile).  Then I say the word that come out for my mind imminently. “Me” , Internet, electricity. I usually use Internet to do the research, it will be inconvenient if I don’t have Internet. Also, Internet well by very helpful when I doing music, I can’t do music if I don’t have electricity, either.


Credits :

Trans Japan – Chinese : Kiyoyo_

Trans Chinese – English : Vivily@btsdiary

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