[Trans] BTS at Haru Hana Magazine Vol. 22 (Twitter Q&A) [141022]

【MEMBER  and individual Q&A】

【RAP MONSTER:there is no secret here! 】

To Rap Monster

Q: Why Rap Mon is the leader? I really like Rap Monster.

RAP MON:  I was the first member who join to the Bangtan. In the trainee period, we change members for several times, just before the debut, the members was fixed like now.  After all, we are Hip Hop group that I was the center as a rapper. So, od course, I became the leader.


【V: I’m not alien~! 】

To V

Q: There is a video that V suddenly danced on the road in the night. Why you were dancing at there yourself?

V: When I first came to Japan, finished interview and have some free time. I was not hungry, and it a little noisy in the studio. I think the weather just nice outside, so I went out. Although there were some people walked on the road, but I didn’t care.  For killing time so I started dancing.


【JIMIN: I like my eyes】


Q: Jimin is always wearing sleeveless shirt, are you confident with your arms? Or you still satisfies with your abs? (^ v ^)

JIMIN: I wear sleeveless shirt is not because I am confident with my arm. I never think that even in the winter I still wearing like that… (smile). The favorite part of my body is my eyes, I like my eyelids a little swollen.

(V: Wearing bare midriff is too over even though you are confident with your abs…)
【J-HOPE: In fact, I am very meticulous】


Q:  J-HOPE when your are doing self-introduction, you usually saying “hope, hope” , What are the things you really hope happen now?

J-HOPE: First, Bangtan has big success. Second, I can still growing after success and become best artist. Also, I should study hard on Japanese, I need to introduced some funny things about me in Japan, too. Hope~ hope~! (smile)
【JIN:Pajamas is necessary】


Q What kinds of singer do JIN want to be?

JIN: I like a British singer called Daley, his style is smooth and his sweet voice can make people feel clam. I wish I can be a singer like that.


【SUGA: Dad -like personality 】

Q: Oppa, after you released the crime preview that you will steal Jung Kook’s underwear, do you actually do it successfully?

SUGA:  Since that time, Jung Kook protect them very carefully, so I didn’t succeed. Also, I not wear Jung kook’s underwear everyday, OK (smile). It because I didn’t have underwear, I borrowed it to wear. It is okay now, because I bought some underwear since that.


【JUNGKOOK:Very cool Busan man】


Q Why Jung Kook always only wears earring on his right ear?
JUNGKOOK : There is no reason for that.  Both of my ears have pierced ear but the pierced ear on the lest was broken when I practiced. Then I’ve never earring, However, this time my pierced ear on the right was also broken. Therefore, I don’t wear anything on both sides (smile).

(JIN: I also only wear earring on the left ear. It is because my favorite actors always only piercing one side when I was a child… I thought I also want to do that in my life time, so i just what happened now.)


【Music &Event】

Please tell us your favorite ARTIST!!


* RAP MONSTER: Younha(윤하), I heard that she also have activities in Japan, I really her fan. She is a radio DJ in Korea now, if I have chance, I want to appear on her radio program.

J-HOPE: I saw Lim Jung Hee senpai singing on the stage recently. The power stage is brilliant. Althogh she is senpai, if I have opportunity, I want to work with her once.


* Which is your favorite song that wrote by yourself?


RAP MONSTER: It’s difficult to choose… Ah, the hidden track ‘GIL (Road) ’from 「2 COOL 4 SKOOL」。The reason is that, I feel good when I listen to it.

J-HOPE: I like 팔도강산(Satoori Rap). Because we sing it in dialect, and this song can express our five members who are from different countries very well.

JIN: My favor is 좋아요 (like).

SUGA I also like 좋아요 (like). Everything went good when I wrote this song, so I really please. And, fans said they like this song.

V:진격의방탄 (the rise of Bangtan). I really like the song with cheerful rhythm, so this song is suitable for me.

JUNGKOOK: I like WE ON in personally~♪(Started singing)


It must be very hard in trainee period, how you guys did to got through that period? ^^


RAP MON: If I wanted to change my mode, I usually wrote some song, eat some food, many different ways. For me, I usually went on alone when I felt down. I went to Han River or park this kind of place dosen’t have too many people. I walked alone and listened to music then I well comfortable. However, I can’t go out to much now. Because I might recognize by someone, in case… Just kidding (smile)

J-HOPE: My hometown is in country side, so when I feel down, I usually thought my parents who live faraway from me. They always support me from far place, when I thought of then, I had courage to continue.
It’s already half year since you guys debuted. Can you tell us anything changed in this period and the thing “not change even though you debuted”!


RAP MON: Everything changed. I think everyone looked like ordinary people, but they become handsome now. We were usually worn swearshirts everyday, feel like bas students (smile). The thing doesn’t change is the looks of our dorm. We quarrel for little things like who talk shower first, who borrow whose clothes without speaking anything, the dirty room…

J-HOPE: Just like the time when we were trainees (smile). Another thing that doesn’t change is that, we still a tender and good children . We considerate each other. Ha ha ha.

V: I become a little thinner. The things that doesn’t change, my eyes and personality?

JIMIN: Give the answer like this, V really an alien~ Although we change a lot, just don’t forget the original intention that we want to become better and better.

JUNGKOOK : Yap, don’t forget the original intention.

JIN: If we feel one of our member have some change, we will tell him ‘’ You change!”
What is the most surprise gift from fans?(*^^*)


JUNGKOOK: After I said ’it is good if I have massager’, I really got one.

JIN: I got the doghouse for my dog in my hometown. It’s really big and surprised me!

J-HOPE: I received a super long long letter that folded in to bellows-like .I thought she was really like me at that time~ I feel very touched. Because I got it in my trainee period.

JIMIN: I also got letter that full of the small words on really large paper. I also got gifts from Japanese fans that full of regard.

JIMIN: Moreover, the letter was wrote in Korean, it is cute that had some small mistake in the letter, thank you to everyone.



Q Any special secrets that only members know?^—^?

RAP MON: Ah… I think we talk everything already. Is there any birthmark on hips ? I know the answer, NO (smile). Because we take shower together.

J-HOPE: It already a daily things that we take shower together. (smile). There is only one bathroom, so it’s usually two people wash together, something three. There is truly no secret.
Q: If you were a girl, who do you want to have a relationship?

JIN&JUNG KOOK: I choose myself.

SUGA: If I were a girl, I think I also want to choose myself. (smile) I’m not playful and not talkative, and do everything calmly… My personality just like daddy.

JIMIN: I choose Jung Kook. He is easy get shy which is his cute side. He also have the side that like man unconsciously.

V: I choose J-Hope hyung. Although he is not a funny guy, but his smile always make people’s mode become better.

RAP MON: I also choose J-Hope and Jimin. I don’t like bad woman or bad man types. I think the person who like someone can express their feeling directly is better. If I were a girl I would choose the man that will treat me really seriously. So these two people are my answer.

J-HOPE: I LOVE YOU,RAP MON . I also choose RAP MON!He is a real man, If I were a girl, I will be attracted by his voice. He might compose song for me, it sounds pretty nice.


Q : Bangtan look always have good relationship. Are you still fight with each other? If so, what were the reasons you fight?

RAP MON: For example, the food bought buy someone was ate by other, so conflicts like that. (smile)

JIN: We are not to the point of fighting.

RAP MON: The new clothes that were borrowed by someone without speaking… Little things. If someone said he wants to try the clothes it will be OK. Oh, but the clothes that as a gift from our fans will not lend to anyone absolutely. Because that are the gifts give to specific member.

JUNGKOOK: I lack of social experience. Although I just want to joke, some inappropriate words just cane out from my mouth. At that time, hyungs will teach me something.


Q: V is famous about his alien style. So please tell me some really unusual story!

V: I don’t think I’m that kind of person.

JIMIN: Although he dosen’ t think so, but it’s true. I usually stay next to him and think about that “What will he do next?”

V: It sounds natural! Look, if you want to dancing, just go out and dance! Why people need to go to CLUB specially and dance? Also, for singing, if you really want to singing, you can singing anywhere. In the dorm or in the practice room is okay.

JIMIN: If you do the things like that I am not said you are an alien, But I saw you look at distance and then suddenly yelling  “wo~wa~~!” something like that.

V: That was because I made a wish to the sky. It was showed on TV drama before, right? I just wanted to imitate.


Q: Question to all member!  If you can exchange with one member in one day, who do you want to exchange to ?

JIMIN: Ah.. I still want to live in my all body (smile). If really need to choose someone, I think it would be J-Hope hyung. I think that hyung have serious expression and also the simple one. I want to know want him think about when he show those expressions. Then, I also a little want to exchange with Rap Monster hyung. (Because he is tall.) I’m wondering the smell of the air above smell like (smile).

V: I breathe the air above I think is quite nice compare with below. (smile) I want to become Jimin , I want to show the abs when perform ‘NO MORE DREAM’ in front od people.

JUNGKOOK: I want become Rap Mon hyung because I want to have the nice brain that hyung have.

JIN: I want to become Jung Kook. If I only have one day, I want to become the person like Jung Kook who is good at everything.

J-HOPE: I also want to become Jung Kook. I really care about the things that Jung Kook thinking at. I also what to know what push him to act. He is a kid that doing things different. I also want to know how the feeling of ‘the lord of maknae’, so I want to become maknae again.


Q: If you can only bring one member to uninhabited island, who will you bringing to? Please give the reason
JIN:I want to bring Jung Kook with me. First, he is physically strong, and he usually bring the things I need, so it will be really big hope.

JUNGKOOK: I also want to pick Jin hyung. Hyung is cooking really well. He will use the things that I bring with me carefully.

RAP MON: I choose V. Because he is noisy, I will not feel lonely. J-Hope will also be OK. Because he is optimistic, I think he will tell me that “There is hope to live!” (smile)

J-HOPE: If I go with JIMIN, I feel we will doing things very well.

SUGA: I also choose Jimin. Because he will obey to me. (smile) And he is very energetic, it likes that everything will be okay even we live uninhabited island.

V: Me too! Like finding food, doing massage for me, I think Jimin is really useful in many way!

JIMIN: I WILL NOT GO TO uninhabited island, absolutely! (smile)


Q: Who is the most terrible sleeping posture member?

JIMIN: I think V is the NO.1. He sleeps on the upper berth. Every times I see him, it looks that he will fall from the upper berth. And then he usually sleeping and chatting with himself.

J-HOPE: I really scare by that! It’s terrible.

JIMIN: He is a child that really like acting, even he talked in his dream it looks like a short skit. Saying words like “” Wuwa~ it’s not like that~!”

J-HOPE: I raise me hand when I sleep, Jung Kook cross-legged when he sleep. Rap Monster also has his unique sleeping posture.

RAP MON: well, I thought that I was the first person. I also nearly fall from the upper berth. And also snore frequently.



Q: Tell us the Japanese new words that you remember recently or the word that you like?
JUNGKOOK: The words that I remember recently is “long time no see”. The words that I like I Japanese is “I like it~”

JIN: A good house, A good car, will these things bring happiness~? (lyric of N.O)

J-HOPE: I like “Mr. Jimin (ジミンさん)” in Japanese. The words that I remember un Japanese is 「Right now!(今でしょう!)」We also search some vogue word on Internet. Our Japanese teacher also teach us some.

JIMIN: Although it is a little old fashion, “Ramen, Tsukemen, I’m ikemen ~!” (ikemen is euphony of handsome guy in Japanese.)  (smile). Also, “JEJEJE!”

V 「お・も・て・な・し」(Thanks for your hospitality)。And also…Pay… Pay…Pay…Ah! Pay you back double! I also use Japanese doing short skit with Jung Kook. “Who.. You are…? ” “ I’m Jung Kook” something like this.


Q: What are the specialties that Bangtan bought in Japan?

V: I want to the brand name shop that dosen’t have in Korea buy a cap. Although I wanted to buy some shoes and jacket, but they were too expensive… However, when the moment I saw the cap it was like ‘Ding!’ in my brand. And I thought it will suit for my clothes and pants.

JIMIN: I only bought some dessert. I really wanted to buy some cute clothes and shoes, but I am saving money recently, so I didn’t buy anything.

J-HOPE: I also wanted to buy some clothes but we didn’t have enough time.. I bought some gifts to my parents, dessert from “Tokyo BANANA” and chips from an other store. I also bought perfume for my sister. ( 東京ばな奈 is a Japanese sweet.)

JIN: Did we all bought product from Tokyo BANANA? After I ate the award that from the battle, which is for drawn the material for magazine. Then we bought a lot.

JUNGKOOK: I heard that the chocolate flavor also delicious. So I bought the one which have brown cover, however it is another flavor…I’ll buy chocolate flavor next time definitely!

V: I bought some dessert that are rice cake as gifts, but before I arrived Korean, I ate up all on the airplane.


Q :”Although I am not look like that, but I am actually a OO man!!” Please fill in some words into OO
JUNGKOOK: I usually give people cute impression because I am maknae. But I am a Busan man, and I also have the side that really cool (smile).

JIMIN: So do I. I look lovely but actually a cool man.

JIN : Although I am the oldest in the group, I actually the maknae in my family. So, although I look like, I’m actually maknae. I have old brother.

SUGA: I am different from what I look. I am a cool man, I don’t like talk normally and move very slowly…

RAP MON: For me, I am a sensitive man. Although I’m king of destroyer, I actually very picky on the music and things that I’m interesting. If I started cleaning toilet, I will cleaning every corner clear. And then it become a cleanup. It might because my blood type is A.

J-HOPE: I also looks not like sensitive man! But I am a person that usually think twice.

V: I…. Although people usually said that I am an alien, but I am actually a healthy man.

JIMIN: What do you mean? Do you means a normal man?

V:  Yes, that’s what I mean~!

Q: People are always screaming when see Jimin’s abs. Does Jimin do exercise everyday to maintain his abs? I want to lose weight. Any type of exercise you want to recommend?

JIMIN: I used to do ふっきんうんどう (exercise to strength one’s abdominal muscles). But the sleeping is go first now. Recently, I am too busy to go to gym. If I have time, I usually do some exercise in dorm. The exercise that I recommend is our dance (smile), if you imitate our dance, it definitely lose weight.

V: Especially 「We Are Bulletproof pt.2」. It has significant effect. We usually feel hungry after we rehearsal the dancing.


Q: Hello, Bangtan(^_^)You guys have different personality. What are your guys prefer on fashion and food?

JIN: I like the food that taste light. Also, it is not because that I like eat something expensive, but I like the food is my taste. But it thinks that the foods all over the world are my taste.

JUNGKOOK: I like salty and spicy foods. I like wearing red and black. I only have these two colors in my garderobe.

JIN: If you open the garderobe, the one side are black and the other side are red, there is no other color expect red and black. (smile)

JUNGKOOK: I don’t know why but I love red. But now, I want to try other. It time to make some change ?!
Q: Tell us what you wear when you are sleep!

JIN: I always want to wear pajamas no matter where I am. I always prepare the full pajamas for summer or winter.

JUNGKOOK: I will choose the way that easy to sleep.  Normally I wear short short sleeves when I sleep. I will take off if I feel hot, and wear long sleeves and put up the hood if I feel cold.

SUGA: I like naked sleep but since we can naked sleep in the dorm, I wear T-shirt and underwear when I sleep.

RAP MON: I’m also wearing T-shirt and underwear . I think it’s more comfortable. Actually I want to take off tops but since my stomach not quite well, I don’t do that. I also wear sweatshirts in winter. It is warmer at home, and the quilt is thick. I like the feeling when my skin touch the quilt~

J-HOPE: I do things different everyday. When I feel very tired I only wear underwear. Basically I wear T-shirt and capri jeans.

JIMIN: kint vest and shorts. It is the most suitable suit.

V: I think of the clothes that I wear when I sleep everyday. Yesterday I wore culottes and white T-shirt. If I am too tired to think about it, I just take off and go to sleep. Also, I sleep up the upper berth, so sometimes I,m too lazy to go up. So, I usually sleep on Jimin’s bed. But Jimin……

JIMIN:  After I finished bath, If I see V sleep on my bed, I will said “Go away~!” Then V go to Jung Kook’s bed and sleep. And if Jung Kook come back…

V: Jung Kook will wake me up and said that “hyung, I don’t have place to sleep, please go to you bed.” But I will go back and sleep next to Jung Kook after he is sleep. And then he will be angry and said “Ah~hyung! Go back to sleep~!” And I only can said “OK! OK!, I will! I will! ” then go back to my bed.

JIMIN:It happens every time….
Credits :

Trans Japan – Chinese : Kiyoyo_

Trans Chinese – English : Vivily@btsdiary

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