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@bts_twt : 갤러리를 보는데 셀카의 각도를 좀 바꿔야겠다는 생각을했다.

왜 다 똑같이생겻니 [Jin]

Trans @bts_twt : I was looking at my gallery and I realized the angle of my selcas need to be changed.
Why do they all look the same [Jin]

@bts_twt : 힝 사녹때 진짜 대박.. 고마버요ㅠ 아미짱 [V]

Trans @bts_twt :  Hing the precording was really daebak.. Thank youㅠ ARMYJjang [V]

@bts_twt : 아미가 짱이여~~~ 오늘도 감사해요 !! @~@ 달려달려~ [J-Hope]

Trans @bts_twt : ARMYs are jjang~~~ Thank you for today as well !! @~@ Run run~ [J-Hope]

@bts_twt : ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 이삐들ㅋㅋㅋ웃겨 죽을뻔했잖아요ㅋㅋ 오늘 인기가요랑 kbs까지 응원와주신 아미들 고마워요~오늘 하루종일 여러분 덕분에 즐거웠어요^^ [Jimin]

Trans @bts_twt : Kekekekeke ah (our) lovelies kekeke I almost died from laughter keke Thank you to the ARMYs who came to cheer for us at Inkigayo and KBS today~ Today was enjoyable thanks to you all^^  [Jimin]

@bts_twt : 아미 여러분! 오늘 정말 많이 와주셨더라구요..!

진짜 감사합니다! 오늘 정말 재미있었어요.

조심히 들어가시고

저희는 공개방송 하러 가겠습니다!

빠이빠이 [Jungkook]

Trans @bts_twt :

ARMYs! A lot of you came to see us today..!

Thank you so much! It was really fun today.

Get home safely

We’re off to do an open broadcast!

Bye bye


@bts_twt : 안녕하세여 진인데여

헬로 헬로!!!!

응원 언제나 크게해줘서 너무 고마움ㅠㅠ

그렇게 진은 오늘도 감동받고 돌아갔다한다 [Jin]

Trans @bts_twt :

Hello this is Jin

Hello hello!!!!

Thanks so much for always cheering for us loudlyㅠㅠ

And so Jin was once again touched today and went home [Jin]

@bts_twt : 안녕하세여 슈간데여 오늘 함성소리 짱!!! 존재해줘서 참 감사한 아미분들!! 사랑합니당~ [Suga]

Trans @bts_twt : Hello, this is Suga. Today’s cheering was the best!!! To the ARMYs I’m thankful for existing!! I love you~  [Suga]

@bts_twt :나에게 가장 겨울같은 노래. 한겨울 까만 코트에 까만 바지에 까만 부츠 신고 까만 목도리로 눈 내린 일산을 헤매던 내가 떠오르는 노래.  [Rap Monster]

Trans @bts_twt : To me, this the most winter-like song. Once winter’s here, throw on a black coat and black pants, black boots and black scarf, with the snow falling down my daily look is completed with this song. [Rap Monster]

@bts_twt : 겨울이 코 앞까지 왔어요! 나는 겨울은 싫지만 겨울 냄새가 좋습니다. 몸도 마음도 조금 단단해질 준비를 해야겠죠. 겨울연습. 아아 봄보다 설레이어라 겨울!! [Rap Monster]

Trans @bts_twt : Winter finally came right in front of us! Although I don’t like winter, I like the smell of winter. I should prepare to keep my body and heart firm and warm. Winter practice. Ah ah be more fluttering than spring, winter!! [Rap Monster]


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Translate : Denise @ bts-trans ,wonnie @ bts-trans ,Mary @ bts-trans ,stella @ bts-trans,Tiffany @ bts-trans,ARMY BASE SUBS

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