Hello ARMY’s Around The world BTS get 2 nominee at MAMA 2014 : BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE 2014 FOR “BOY IN LUV”  and UNION PAY SONG OF THE YEAR .

Vote Period : 10/27 MON. 18pm ~ 12/2 TUE. 24pm (KST)

You Must Vote All Categories and you can vote using  your FB/Twitter/MNET accounts

After that dont forget give bts rose too ^o^

Tutorial :  

1 . Go To http://mama.interest.me/2014mama/vote and http://haigou.unionpay.com/MaMaEnglish.aspx (Help other vote Union Pay Song Of The Year )

2   Log in with Your FB/Twitter/MNET accounts

3. Vote All Categories on that but Dont Forget Vote BTS  at BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE 2014 FOR “BOY IN LUV”

best dance



union pay

4. If you Finished Vote all categories Click Vote on the righ bottom


5. After that you can seeing (Like the picture) Click Support Your star

endss6. Give BTS Rose Click Support




15 thoughts on “[VOTE] LET’S VOTE BTS at MAMA 2014

  1. I found that BTS Diary retweeted “how to stream on Korean music websites”. Are those method true? If they are, can you tell me how to view the songs in full length. I’ve been struggling in following what this tweet says. Please help!!! It’s important cause i want to show ARMYs in my home country how to support BTS in effective ways. They have been doing the same thing, listen to 1min preview, as I did.

  2. Ok fellow ARMYz there’s a way for you to vote more than once a day it involves alot of work but i know you can do it right? For our boys nothing is too much as hard as they work they deserve these awards and more! I am also a Exotic but i acknowledge BTS talent and feel they should get these awards instead of Exo BTS has yet to be rewarded for all their hardwork so lets get them these awards! ARMY fighting! Here’s how create multiple accounts using email addresses from this site http://www.tempsky.com sign-up dispose of the address get a new one then sign up nd dispose that one repeat this process and keep note of the addresses because you can use them to login again each day. Please help BTS get these awards! Also i will be posting addresses and passwords that i created accounts for already to speed up the process (^W^)-/

  3. can you help me .. i want to find trusted ARMY who willing to vote and give all roses to BTS for MAMA , i have 8 more mama acc, i can’t vote for them anymore by using the same ip address because i already vote for them 10 times , then got restricted by using the same ip address … so, i dont know what to do .. lol
    ps:excuse my bad english

    1. Ok I have been creating many mnet accounts that everyone can use to vote for BTS and also Got 7 for Best New Artist. But my friend has told me using safeip helps with getting unblocked just change your ip and continue voting also please watch BTS-WOH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhph0_CdUHg we have to get it to 1000,000 views before Nov 3 Let’s do this for BTS! Let’s work together! IGot7Armyz fighting!

    2. Once at BTS-W.O.H please respond to the comment section so I can help you further and give you instructions on how to stream the video more and increase the views also to help BTS win Mama Thanks for your help byez

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