Welcome to BTS DIARY! ^^

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49 thoughts on “Welcome to BTS DIARY! ^^

  1. Guys, the link for “- [VOTE] BTS for Album Award at The 29th Golden Disk Awards ” is directing us to Rap Mon’s necklace auction ;-;

  2. I feel so sad because you don’t say anything about the Arab fans
    I cry everyday because I can’t see you live and don’t be able to buy your albums and your pusters ✌✌✌✌😭😭
    I wich all the best

  3. Happy Birthday Suga
    BANGTAN FAMILY And ARMY’S CLASSROOM love you always ❤❤❤❤❤ Were right beside you BTS
    love you and good luck on your career.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGA 😘😍😄❤💋🎂🎁🎈🍨🍰🍝🍲🍕🍷🍹

  4. Ok, since the first rule is not to be a silent reader I’m going to comment on you guys. I have recently start listening to your music and it’s really nice and it make me smile every time I listen to it guys. Wish you the best xxx
    A new FAN from the Indian Ocean, Mauritius

  5. Hi, i’m Damia, ARMY from Malaysia. I really loves BTS !! Can’t wait for their comeback stage. Hope to see you live. Do come to Malaysia !!!! Saranghaee bts ❤️❤️

  6. Hello my friend^^
    can I ask a question?
    Which country are you from?
    excuse me…You’re a real Army:))

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