[Blog/Trans] (Jin’s cooking diary) Just chose ingredients that appeared before my eyes: sweet pumpkin, broccoli, mushroom, and beef [141112]

Today as well, of course, I cooked up something my way
Chose simple ingredients.
Bought broccoli to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes
Chose sweet pumpkin to take out the swelling in my face
Bought mushroom because I just saw it along the way
And beef, which I can’t eat on a daily basis.
Just picked it up because my mom told me that you should never be frugal when it comes to food.
The finishing touch to food is cheese, of course.
Yes yes bought cheese too.

(That’s) The end to picking out ingredients

I like sweet pumpkin; however, just because I like sweet pumpkin, doesn’t mean that I can overshadow the meat
Meat-nim, you’re the best

Kyah~ look at the color of this piece of meat. Meat-nim *sobs*
Just take me


Meat x 54

Empty out the insides of the sweet pumpkin. The meat will then go inside that hole.

Please cook.

I should clean the fan (up-there)…
Hope-ah, Jimin-ah, Jungkook-ah, Taeyung-ah, anyone, please (clean it) ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Take one selfie while you’re cooking food~ ohhohohohohoho
Are my eyes swollen…my goodness

The sauce is also according to my preferences.
Put in just enough of it, just enough. Yes yes ㅇㅇ

he shoulders, of the one who cooks, sure are wide

In the meantime, it seems like the sweet pumpkin-nim is almost cooked

Cut up all of your broccoli and mushroom.
Kyrah~ how neat. I usually can’t do it like that because I’m lazy… why did I do it like that ..

hehe Jimin-ah, take a picture of me hehe

Add in all the ingredients you cut up along with Meat-nim. Euahh Meat-nim, I love you ah ah accept my love~

*Churahrachurachurapurahchurahpurachurahchuchopah* (sizzling sounds)

Bibimbap style
Should I just eat it like this

hehe, Jimin-ah, take one more picture of me~

Put the lid (of the pumpkin) back on and let it cook for a bit

Turn this rice dish that didn’t go into the pumpkin into some sort of a bibimbab

??? The cheese is overflowing ahhhg
Cheese-nim, when did you even go in there

Euahhheuahhh cheese-nim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

You can say that cheese is what completes a dish. The perfect combination of meat, cheese, and sweet pumpkin hehe It’s my first time making this type of concoction

Yum yum this way and that way.
It doesn’t look like it’ll taste good but it’s good. For real.
Ah, anyway, I’m really good-looking
Ah, it’s hard to even look this good… I’m worried, really

To finish it off, (you) deliciously yum yum munch munch munch yum yum

Ate the whole thing hehe

I’m sad that I can’t cook much these days, because I’m busy  ㅠㅠ

I want to cook, but I don’t have the time..

Sorry, mom.. I used the allowance you gave me on meat hehe

                                                                                           Cook: Jin
Pics by: Jin, Jimin
Helper: None..
Eaten by: Jin, Suga

Credits :

BTS Official Blog 

Translate : ARMY BASE SUBS 

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