[Interview/Trans] BTS ☆ Style Vol. 11 at Oricon Style [140730]

Vol.11  There was 200 notifications when noticed…..Which members get in touch the most frequent!?

This week, we’ve heard about that story related to lyric of “BOY IN LUV-Japanese Ver.-” , who is the most frequently get in touch, or not, in BTS members. Their discontent exploded at once in the course of their conversation!? We fully realized again that BTS is uncommon group by the unusual act of members.

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There was 200 notification when noticed! JIMIN and V at group chat…
 ――There is the lyrics “Even if I sent a message to you, I don’t know if you read it or not” in the “BOY IN LUV-Japanese Ver.-“.
Then which member do the fastest response of the mail/chat?
【SUGA】That’s JIMIN. We have group chat room of BTS. JIMIN and V send a message frequently to the chat room. They uploads photo to make people laugh one after another, but that is completely uninteresting.(Laugh)
【V】You also enjoys writing a message together,right!?
【J-HOPE】That’s right…….I’m sorry.(Laugh)

――How is the other members?
【SUGA】I ignore them.(Laugh)
【JIMIN】Not really. SUGA-Hyung also have a conversation recently,right!?
【SUGA】I reply to important message or message I have to reply properly. However, there are too many trashy messages, so I’m annoyed honestly. (Laugh)
【V】For example, when we came to Japan, we got our hotel room separated. So we have chat by Kakaotalk.
The other day, we came to Japan during World Cup was held, we chatted by Kakaotalk while watching the game.
――Also at that time, did only the three members chat?
【SUGA】When I noticed, chat notification of 200 from the three members had come. (Laugh)
――200! Really?
【RAP MONSTER】Though I don’t to reply at all, chat is sent unilaterally from three people. So, the battery of my cellphone continue to decrease.  It’s really too bad.(Sigh)
――That’s too bad. Conversely, who is the member the reply is slow?
【RAP MONSTER】It’s JUNG KOOK. His reply is not slow, but no reply.(Laugh)
【SUGA】JUNG KOOK send the only thing that he want to say, that’s all. Even if we send the answer we think about that seriously, he doesn’t give us a reply at all.
【JIMIN】He is really awful.(Cry)
――It is what we call “KIDOKU THROUGH (*1)” ,right? It has been seen acknowledged as a problem in Japan.
*1: The Japanese word “KIDOKU THROUGH” means he read message but ignored it.
【RAP MONSTER】Yes. It is also the same in Korea.
【SUGA】But he has not even read the message in the first place. It is awkward rather than ignore the message.(Laugh)
【RAP MONSTER】When I ask him “Did you read the message?” , he says “No, I don’t know”.
【V】Even though he is holding a cellphone in his hand on the spot.(Laugh)
【JUNG KOOK】I’m not interested in such exchanges chat in the first place. But depending on the time and place, when I have to reply, I sometimes reply message!
【JIN】When I was in next to him previously, a message came to his cellphone. So I asked him “Don’t you have to reply the message?”, but he said “It’s OK. This is a junk message.” without reading it. (Laugh)
【JUNG KOOK】No, that isn’t a lie. Really I get unusual amounts junk messages to my cellphone. It’s really disgusting to me. I confirmed messages one by one previously, but time really flew.. So I thought “What am I doing?” and there were remained only fatigue. Even so, it is not possible to avoid the junk messages. And also in order not to waste time, I choosed that not to check messages.(Laugh)
【SUGA】So, even if I want to tell him something, I gave up to contact him directly.(Laugh) For instance, when V and JUNGKOOK went shopping together, I contact to V, and tell a message him what I want to tell to JUNGKOOK. It is the fastest way!
【RAP MONSTER】You’re so clever!
【JUNG KOOK】That’s more appreciative for me. Honestly, I think that I might be spoiled by members. I’m being helped by members thanks to they understands my character.
――Even so, who don’t reply at all, who send a lot of messages, BTS members are extremes,right?(Laugh)
【RAP MONSTER】There is nothing to choose between the two.(Laugh)
【SUGA】Yeah, definitely. But both are annoying for me, so please try to be moderate.(Laugh)
【JIMIN & JUNG KOOK】Yes, understand!
Which member wake up easily, and which member has trouble waking up……
 ――There is the lyrics “type align oneself with the opinions of those around” in the “N.O -Japanese Ver.-“. Then What type of person do you think yourself? Please answer “the type of ○○”.
【JUNG KOOK】I’m a person of the type that not satisfied unless I do what I want to do absolutely.
【RAP MONSTER】I’m a person of the type that want to live life cool and spare no effort for that.
【J-HOPE】I’m a person of the type that not postpone my work.
【JIN】I’m a person of the type that not concerned about other people.
【SUGA】I’m a person of the type that want to live life that is different from others.
【V】I’m a person of the type that don’t care about what other people think.
【JIMIN】I’m a person of the type that trying to be cool.
――Was there anyone who told wrong thing?
【RAP MONSTER】Yes, it’s OK!
――Then, there is the lyrics “like a STORY of a morning glory” in the “JUST ONE DAY-Japanese Ver.-“. Which member wake up easily? Which member has trouble to wake up?
【RAP MONSTER】No one wake up easily.(Laugh) And especially who waking up bad are V and JIMIN.
【V】Moreover, after I got up I have terrible bed hair.
【SUGA】In the morning, all members are ugly.(Laugh)
【RAP MONSTER】Then gradually we transform into seven members of BTS. Dressing up is important.
――By the way, How long does it take to transform completely?
【RAP MONSTER】 About an hour?
【SUGA】 But, there is also the day that we do not transform at all.(Laugh)
【JIMIN】 We can not see the fans in the morning ……Because we want to show as cool for fans always!
【SUGA】 Even as if you encountered us in the morning, please have pretended not to see. (Laugh)
Credits :
Trans : Yumemirko@btsdiary

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