[Interview/Trans] BTS ☆ Style Vol. 18 at Oricon Style [141203]

BTS☆STYLE Vol.18 Unexpected views on love of members!? Ideal love story of them….

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Where do you focus on when you meet girl at first…!?
Please tell us about listening point of “MISS RIGHT-Japanese Ver.-“.
[JIN]: This song is softly,warmly,and sweet song, so you can listen with feeling easy.
[RAP MONSTER]: I recommend for people who want to love that you listen to continue to “Danger-Japanese Ver.-“ and “MISS RIGHT-Japanese Ver.-“.
In “Danger-Japanese Ver.-“, It’s not a man who says “Follow me!” but he easily swayed by girlfriend. (Laugh)
[RAP MONSTER]: I think that after you were censured in “Danger-Japanese Ver.-“, you will be really healed listening to “MISS RIGHT-Japanese Ver.-“. And if you get bored with each other, you can provide stimulus by “Danger-Japanese Ver.-” again, and after that you will be healed listening to “MISS RIGHT-Japanese Ver.-“!
[V]: Nice~! This is perfect about love!
That is awesome flow. You mean that it is important to be mindful not to forget the spirit that you started with, right?
[SUGA]: I think it is important to all things not limited to love.
-And there is the lyric “At the end of of your long, shiny hair / your smooth waist is token of love” in the “MISS RIGHT-Japanese Ver.-“…
[RAP MONSTER]: I wrote that lyric.

So..Is this the RAP MONSTER’s ideal girl that written in this lyric? 
[RAP MONSTER]: That was the lyric written in an exaggerated manner to suit the music, so I can not say that’s my ideal type.
Then, when you looking at girls, where you focus at first? Rapmonster?
[V]: Face (Laugh)
[RAP MONSTER]: No! I focus on her atmosphere.
[JUNG KOOK]: I focus on her healthy beauty, whether she has well balanced muscles.
[RAP MONSTER]: Are you a pervert? (Laugh)
[V]: Who has six pack abs?
[JIMIN]: Then, your ideal type is like me! (Appeal his muscle)
[JUNG KOOK]: (Immediate Answer) NO.
[JIMIN] Why not? I have amazing muscles, right?
[JUNG KOOK]: I like the people who has atmosphere that she do workout daily. And also who has beautifully sun tanned skin.
[JIMIN]: oh~ Unfortunately I have pale skin.
[JUNG KOOK]: Not only that. Face, personality…..It is different all. (Laugh)
[JIMIN]: But my muscles are perfect! (Laugh)
How about SUGA?
[SUGA]: I focus on personality and atmosphere. I don’t have ideal type. It’s not only about girl (also about everyone around him), I focus on the first impression and atmosphere, whether someone have same sense of feel as mine.
[T/N : In his opinion, He’s not only talk about girl (ideal type) but also about he focus on the first impression and atmosphere if meets with all people ]
How about V?
[V]: The person who spends their money thrifty.
[ALL]: ……
[JIMIN]: But how can you judge at first meet? (Laugh)
[V]: I give some money for her, and say “I give you these money. You can buy the stuff you want.”  Then I’ll judge her how much she spend the money.
[JUNG KOOK]: So it can not be judgement when you met her for the first time!
[ALL] (Laugh)
So V don’t judge people by appearances. You focus on her inner side.
[V]: Yes.
[RAP MONSTER]: V’s ideal type always changes, almost every once a month.
So recently, you like girl who spends her money carefully ,right?
[V]: YES, (Loud voice) I like stingy person.
You don’t need say that thing with loud voice. (Laugh) So how about JIMIN?
[JIMIN]: I like cute and charming girl.
Next to you.. V is appealing his cuteness… (Laugh)  How about like V?
[JIMIN]: ……Can i hit you?
[ALL]: (Laugh)
How about J-HOPE?
[J-HOPE]: I like a girl who has hopeful and cheerful personality and positive mind. Someday, I wanna see the girl who make me love her from the bottom of my heart!
It seems just like J-HOPE. Then JIN,  when you looking at girls, where you focus at first?
[JIN]: I focus on her face. I like face like a puppy.
[V & JIMIN] (imitate puppy) Bow wow!
[JIN]: It’s gross~ (Laugh)
[JIMIN]: I’ll bite you~~~~ (Laugh)
How is the situation of ideal love story!?
Then.. there is the lyric “Where is our blooming love story?” in the “Danger-Japanese Ver.-“… Please tell us how is the situation of ideal love story.
[V]: I would like to heartwarming date,  such as watching the autumn leaves, raising the feed to pigeons along with my wife and children.
I can feel peaceful atmosphere.
[V]: This is the true story of my parents. My ideal date, I would like to imitate someday.
Wow.. It’s wonderful story. How about JIN?
[JIN]: I think this is the form of love that everyone wants… The person who I love don’t look away and she staring at me only.. I want to experience such a love story.
[JIMIN]: You must do make an effort that she don’t look away. I think love is equality. If you ask for something to her, in the same way, you also need to give to her.
[V]: Good~~~
[SUGA]: There are the story that Cinderella met with the prince and did marriage, but it is not only just a story. So I would like to a date with a person who balanced to me, and I want a very very ordinary love story. And my ideal thing is that we are in good health each other.
You are realistic.
[RAP MONSTER]: I want meet with various people, and I want to absorb the way of thinking of many people.
[JIMIN]: My ideal of love story is that I love only one person in my whole life.
[J-HOPE]: I wanna spend a time with person who I love even if it’s just a moment.
How about JUNG KOOK?
[JUNG KOOK]: Since I am a lonely man, it does not matter if I stay single all my life.
[JUNG KOOK]: This is just joke, but I can’t think yet about love now. But I also when I love someone someday, I want to spend many time with her.
Credits :
Trans : Yumemirko @ btsdiary

5 thoughts on “[Interview/Trans] BTS ☆ Style Vol. 18 at Oricon Style [141203]

  1. Then I’m definitely not Hobi’s ideal type lol. V’s ideal date was lovely, he’s gonna be a good father for sure. Also, I guess from Suga’s ideal type, you could say he’s queer? It’d be awesome. He seems to not care about who he falls in love with…-which is amazing-
    Thanks for the translation ^^

    1. yeah it sounds like Hobi is saying he wants to hook-up!! haha… but i think it’s probably weirdly translated and he means he just wants to enjoy time with a person even if it’s short…

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