[Info/Vote] Best Fandom Award in #SOOMPIAWARDS2014



In late December this year, Soompi will be holding Soompi Awards 2014, an annual celebration of all things K-pop and K-drama.
This year, Soompi Awards 2014 will be including a special category, “Best Fandom”. They wanted to include a category to allow fans to be loud and proud! The “Best Fandom” winners will be determined by Twitter votes.
Because of that, ARMYs AROUND THE WORLD, let’s join the Hashtag Party #ILoveBTS to show our Love for #BTS. Let the world know about BTS and prove that BTS is a great and have the Best Fandom !!!!
There are 2 periods to vote : :
1st Period : December 26 8PM KST – December 27 8PM KST
2nd Period : January 1  8PM KST –  January 2  8PM KST
ARMY  take a Note :
  • The Hastag is #ILoveBTS
  • 2 periods Votes ( December 26 8PM KST – December 27 8PM KST &  January 1  8PM KST –  January 2  8PM KST ) (exactly 2 periods and only 24 hours!!!!)
  • Use the hashtag #ILoveBTS in your tweets during those two periods mentioned and they will be counted.
  • You can tweet the hashtag #ILoveBTS as many times as you want during the two 24-hour periods!

ARMYs, let’s spread the information and show BTS to the world with the hashtag #ILoveBTS !!!!!!

Vote BTS too For BEST CHOREOGRAPHY in Soompi AWARDS 2014 more info Click here 


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