[News/Trans] (Media Questions Collecting) 2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY SPECIAL EDITION EPISODE II (Press Conference) in Beijing [150116]

Beijing Concert press conference Media Questions Collecting

1.What song will you singing in the concert?
SUGA: We are preparing, lots of songs, and what are they? Please come to our concert and see it.

2.Do you prepare any special event for Chinese fans?
Jung Kook: We didn’t prepare any special but we PREPARE Chinese a lot.
Rap Monster: We are practice Chinese hard because we hope to communicate with fans by using Chinese.

3.Will you have solo stage?
SUGA: We have more group stage, it better to show our cooperation.
Rap Monster: We don’t have solo stage now but we will show it in the future.

4.Will it have fan service? Any close contact between you guys and fans?
Rap Monster: It much late to have concert it China than other, they ended very early. This is first time we hold concert in China, so we don’t have exactly plan to tell.

5.Due to the visa problem, Jung Kook could’t attend Golden Disc Award, will it also influence your concert?
SUGA: It won’t have any problem.
Rap Monster: No. (Say it in Chinese)

6.Will Jimin have sexy performance just like he did at MAMA ?
Rap Monster: Showing Abs? Its totally a surprise.
SUGA: Please come to our concert and check out!
Rap Monster: Be honest, Jimin doing exercise very hard, so, it might have.

7.We see Jin did some strange finger sign, come you show us?
JIN: Oh, I’m sorry.

8.Will you sing Chinese song?
Rap Monster: Conclude those questions about our concert, its boring to said that, but please come to our concert and check, thank you.

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Trans : Vivily@btsdiary

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