[Interview/Trans] BTS at Rangking Box [141217]


A talented group, Bangtan Boys, finally started ! Here’s the first step to a big dream !

The Last Year a hip hop boygroup Bangtan Boys made attention with their japanese debut on June.All their music production, dance and visual are self-produced. They finished the 1st Tour -BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II.THE RED BULLET- on November, with a strong qualities and powerful sound of high live performance. We Don’t think they was Rookie because they showed the real presence. After the tour was finished, the 1st Album [WAKE UP] will be release on December 24th ,we tried to approach their other side which can’t seen in the stage,such as a secret story and future goals related to the album title .

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The strong feeling that put in the album title which wanted to convey a “Beginning”.

──Firstly, how the impression of 1st tour “2014 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II.THE RED BULLET” ?

V : Although i throbbed and worried about the first tour in Japan, i thought the tour was finished successfully because we got a good responses from all.
Jungkook : At first, i’m so worried about how many people would be coming to seeing our concert. But, when i saw the seat was filled and many fans enjoyed, i’m so glad.
Rap Monster : It was my first time to do a solo performance in front of 5,000 peoples. So, i was tense and felt uneasy, but when i did it, i’m feeling well. For us, it was a very good experience.
Jimin : When the situation in the venue became fun, then we were able to enjoy it together.
J-Hope : I can feel it because we got energy from fans. This time are Kobe and Tokyo, so it became a good memory.
Jin : Me too, the impression such as got a power from fans was left very much.
Suga : At first, i felt uneasy that do fans will be enjoy the show. But, as the show progressed, i felt well. From now, we will show more cool side of us and try the best !

──It was the live performance that highly expected to be japan activities in the future. Completed an Album [Wake Up] was so fun, by the way, what kind of feelling that put in the title album ?

Rap Monster : If it is a literal translation, the meaning is “waking up”, but it isn’t an ordinary interpretation. Our activities in Japan was officially started and i thought that it was good to express the strength of the message that we put in this song. So, we decided to pick “Wake Up”. In fact, there was “STEP” in the list too.
Suga : In Japanese there was “目覚める” (Wake Up) too.
Rap Monster : How many number of words to express a “Beginning” ?
Suga : From those words, the members was discussed and decided which is the best.

──In the album, there are contain some original japanese song like「いいね!Pt.2〜あの場所で〜」「THE STARS」「WAKE UP」.

Rap Monster : That is a bright melody and be able to impress that three songs with the title album.
Suga : To make this song, we worked together with Japanese DJ, so this song has a Shibuya Hip Hop style and i think that for japanese fans, it will be able to have rejoice.
Rap Monster : There is no incongruity at all even if i compare it with the music that we showed before. It is a music that made by our subjectivity, but the directionality of the music is same as in the japanese original music.
Jungkook : Because the melody was superb, so i enjoyed the recording.
Jin : Among these three songs, there is a song with full of hope. That is 「THE STARS」, i like this song because it remembered me about the past. In fact, i wrote the lyric in that song. I’m trying to write while thought about the melody and bright character that match to J-Hope, but it has been rejected. (laugh)
Rap Monster : 「THE STARS」was composed by KM-MARKIT and me. Even though it is a japanese original song, the song production isn’t different with korean song. But, that doesn’t mean i am listening a lot of japanese song, i think that maybe i can assimilated the feeling that suited with Japan.

──Because i think there is each thought about it, can you tell me what is your recommended song in this album?

Suga : 「WAKE UP」. From the beginning, i love music of Shibuya style and because that kind of music is my taste, so i highly recommended it !
Jimin : Me too 「WAKE UP」. Because of good tension, i felt very good somehow, so i did the recording well ! There’s lot of music that can be happy, but that doesn’t mean the sense of fulfilment when I finished singing isn’t high and i able to get into all of music. The melody of this music was very good, so the sense of fulfilment after finished singing was so great !
Jin : 「BOY IN LUV」. Because this song was loved by everyone and popular in Korea too.
J-Hope : 「THE STARS」. I wanted to try make a music that has a bright feeling such as this song . i think the feeling that we want to convey directly arrives to everybody. There is a word that i wrote in this song. The meaning of <投げるなサジは> is “諦めるな” / “Don’t give up!” , right ? I like this word and i think that is a positive part of this song.
Jungkook : Me too「THE STARS」. The content of the song lyric is so good and i particularly like the beat which was combined with a melody very much.
Rap Monster : 「Danger-Japanese ver.-」. I think this song was popular and got more attention in Korea, so i am so glad when it released in Japan. Also, because the music video is so good, i want you to watching it !
V : I recommend「いいね!Pt.2〜あの場所で〜」! I like it because among our songs, this song entered the Top Ten and i am glad when i singing this song while thinking about Japanese ARMY (BTS Fanclub’s Name).

──About V’s recommended song「いいね!Pt.2〜あの場所で〜」, it is like previous song 「いいね!」’s answer song, right ?

Suga : For us, it was a challenge for made an answer song for the first time. When we make 「いいね!Pt.2〜あの場所で〜」, we were able to remember the time when we made 「いいね!」 . There is a pressure to should make a good song which better than previous song, but we were able to get satisfying result!

Big news in 2014 was about Japanese Debut !

──Regarding the album title, is there any “wake up” thing recently ?

Rap Monster : I came to always do reading that i like before. I like poem and novel, but i like to read manga too. When i writing a song lyric, i get references from poem.
V : i “wake up” into cycling. I like cycling along Han River. But in winter, i can’t be able to ride…..
Jin : Nowadays, i like to watch Korean drama like Bad Guy, etc. Because of mom and friend recommended me some drama, i’ve seen 4-5 drama in a row.

──One question again regarding the title, Who’s member good for waking up ?

Rap Monster : Jin.
Jin : Jimin and J-Hope wake up early too.

──So, who’s member bad for waking up ?

V & Jungkook : Me. (laugh)
Jin : Four members except me, Jimin, and J-Hope are same.
Jungkook : I think that it is heredity to have bad waking in the morning. Although i set the alarm, the others member are waking up except me. (laugh)

──(laugh) , Then, would you give the big news of BTS in 2014 ?

Rap Monster : We were able to make debut and tour in Japan.
Suga : I think any artist has the same target such as do a solo live concert. We were able to experience it. I feel that we stepped forward to the really big step.
Jimin : I’m so glad that our activities in another place beside Korea increased. Because we should acquire more and more experience to write a song lyric.

──What kind of activity that you want to do in 2015 ?

Rap Monster : Firstly, we will make 『WAKE UP』Tour success. I think that because it is more important than everything else, so after that we will decide the next target. We want to do activity in Japan again after we take the first place on our comeback in Korea.
Jin : I want to go shopping !
V : I want to go to Universal Studio Japan too!
J-Hope : Going a trip ! Kobe, the town that we were visited recently is so beautiful, but i want to walking around a town that i don’t know and try to eat delicious food in there. Of course without a time limit (laugh). It is my dream !!
Rap Monster : It is a dream that i want to realize too !! (laugh)


* 「いいね!Pt.2〜あの場所で〜」 :I Like it!Pt.2〜at that place〜」

Credits :

Rangking Box 

Trans : ardimnida@btsdiary

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