[Interview/Trans][STARCAST] BTS revealed B-cuts in Europe and America! [150118]

The tip of our noses are freezing and turning red in the cold! BTS has just come back with their new photo booklet. Pictorials containing photos taken in Europe and America will be revealed on February 16th. Before the official publication, STARCAST releases some B-cuts as fabulous as A-cuts for the first time.

[BTS in Sweden: Mischievous boys in Europe]
Date: July 30th 2014
Location: Gamla Stan, Stockholm

BTS appeared in Gamla Stan, the famous avenue located in Stockholm. Wait, are those freckles on their faces? They are not the ‘tough guys’ who we used to know. It seemed that they were awkward as it was their first attempt to try this concept. But as time passed, they got very excited, taking selfies here and there. Let’s just keep it secret.

The leader of BTS, Rap Monster, who is full of charisma can’t help wearing a “1 plus 1 is cute” concept today. “Look at my eyebrows, you will be cute”

V and SUGA turned into mischievous boys. They ate a lot of sweet dessert under the cloak of photo shootings, but it’s clear that their happy smiles are not acting.

No need to try to become a perfect photographer due to picturesque scene behind. Whenever sitting on the steps, leaning against the wall, and just walking on the street, it is so fantastic! Because of sudden rain, they got embarrassed but posed naturally with umbrella.

Streets in Sweden were so clean and beautiful that all members picked it as a country where they want to visit again. Therefore, gorgeous photos were taken with pleasant smiles on faces.

[BTS in America: Marine boy of America]
Date: August 10th 2014
Location: Marina del Rey, LA

Gulls are wheeling about. We flew in Marina del Rey, LA full of the smell of the sea. The place is known for the largest yacht port in the world so that we should go on the yacht. So we did! We can go anywhere with a white sail and a wind~

The weather was perfect but we suffered from a strong wind. The wind is messing my hair up!

However, what a great feeling! The youngest of BTS, ‘the forceful,’ acts charming today. It can’t easily be seen ~

SUGA, the lethargic, moves so quickly today. Snatching glasses from JIMIN, he is making a funny face. It can’t easily be seen also~

After a four hours ocean voyage, the photo booklet of Marine boys is finally completed. And lastly, don’t forget these photographs are just B-cuts. You can say “how awesome A-cuts will be if these terrific pictures are just B-cuts?” with great expectations. Please look forward to the photo booklet which will be revealed on February 16th!
[Teaser for the photo booklet~ Once watching it, heart will go pitapat]

Written/Photo/Video = BigHit Entertainment

※ These contents are produced and provided by the agency.

Credits :

Naver Starcast
Translate : Naver starcast


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