[Bangtan Style] BTS NOW 2 In EUROPE and AMERICA

Jungkook COMME DES GARÇONS Mickey Mouse Shirt S/O

Jungkook Charm’s KNOT STRIPE T-SHIRTS ₩45,000/$40.2 S/O

Jungkook  (Inner)  Neil Barret White Felted Tie Poplin Shirt $294 S/O

Jungkook Givenchy Striped Sleeve 17 Jersey Tee $790 S/O

Jungkook Patrick Ewing Focus Retro $120 S/O

V ACNE STUDIO ‘College Print’ sweatshirt $110.96 S/O

V Charm’s Sailor stadium jacket ₩218,000/$199 S/O

V DrX x Coca-Cola collection tie-dye Tee S/O

V Puma Future Trinomic Slipstream Lite SK 109,00 € / $125


Jimin Charm’s ANCHOR NEOPRENE SWEAT SHIRT  ₩108,000 / $99 S/O

Jimin Kokon to Zai (KTZ) APRON VEST- MULTI FLAG PRINT & Tie DYED $250

Jimin Nike Air Max Express speed yellow $150

Jimin Raf Simon striped tank top S/O

Rap Monster Charm’s MARINE HIDDEN SHIRTS  ₩88,000 / $80.2 S/O

Rap Monster Givenchy Multicolor Mixed Floral Patchwork Tshirt $680  S/O

J-Hope Charm’s Anchor sweat shirts ₩47,000/$43

J-Hope Charm’s Sailor knit cardigan / Black ₩168,000/$154 S/O

J-Hope Neil Barret Cotton Bow Tie Shirt $311

J-Hope Hype Baseball T-Shirt With Floral Print £20 / $30,79

J-Hope Christopher Kane Black Molecule Print T-Shirt $256 S/O

J-Hope COMME DES GARÇONS PLAY emblem shirt $350.98

Suga Charm’s Sailor double jacket ₩348,000/$318

Suga  Christopher Kane Orange Mens Black Digital Face Tshirt $302 S/O

Suga Saint Laurent bomber jacket $1094  S/O

Suga (inner) Givenchy Black Shark and Mermaid Oversized Tshirt $671  S/O

Jin Charm’s  SAILOR KNIT CARDIGAN _ WHITE  ₩168,000/ $154 S/O

Jin Di$count Univer$e Tra$h Pray Tee $189  S/O

Jin (inner) Raf Simons Black Twotone Sleeveless Shirt $285 S/O

Other :

They are Going to berlin click here

credits :

Picture : Big Hit Ent,Love Moment,Getout0613

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