[Interview/Trans] [STARCAST] Marinate the meat while I will cut the rice cake! – The 2nd episode of BTS making food for the New Year’s Day[150219]

The special episode, ‘Shopping’ that is relevant to the appetizer was released last week in which chef JIN, ‘Today’s Slave’ JIMIN, and JUNG KOOK made food for the New Year’s Day.

“Do you remember the last STARCAST? It finished from here, right?”

This week, we’re going to release the episode of the long-awaited cooking. STARCAST will start now with comments from chef JIN who said he waited for this day.
[The 3rd step of making food for the New Year’s Day: The reversal cutting of a real man!]

Hello, this is JIN! From now on, I will start the STARCAST in where I cook, write, and do things all on my own~ (I reject the rejections!)

JIN: “Oh? Who said to by mushrooms?”
JIMIN: “Bro~ I bought meat other than mushrooms.”
JIN: “I love you”

Meat is love. Shall I warm up my hands getting energy from the meat?

Please wait there, since I will make you a meal. I’ve played a costume play of a kind boyfriend. Actually, I only washed the pot to use for rice-cake soup.

JUNG KOOK (The youngest): “Cut”
JIN&JIMIN (The elders): “Okay….”
This is a picture that shows the rank among BTS membersㅠㅠ

The youngest member that was disobeying since he was in adolescence for a while became obedient. Ah~ by the way, JUNG KOOK’s hands are like a real man’s. He had veins showing up on his hands and seemed like to cut well than me…
(A report from the onlooker: JIMIN and JUNG KOOK are cutting the materials for the Korean kebab under the command of chef JIN. They cut materials without making any noise sitting on the kitchen floor. JIMIN showed off his desolate charms faithfully fulfilling his duty as ‘Today’s Slave’.

JIMIN said he was putting the meat to sleep… We got goose bumps since he was so boring…
(A report from the onlooker: It was JIMIN’s gag that suddenly frozen the heated kitchen due to the gas flame. He said he would put the meat to sleep himself saying, “Hushaby baby, meat”… Besides, it is said that he pestered us to use this picture persistently.)

He’s really marinating the meat now. That blender is our accommodation’s devoted material. We use that blender to grind blueberries and bananas in the morning.

JIMIN was really clear with his gag concept! This mini muscular guy said to us to be quiet since he has to put the meat to sleep even until the end. Ah, you’re not funny.

Is he a thief? No, he’s J-HOPE that appeared specially. But J-HOPE doesn’t appear in this episode anymore. Don’t look forward to him. ^^

JIMIN woke up the meat that he put to sleep hard and put it on a skewer. JIMIN, I support your gag! This is definitely ‘JIN’s STARCAST’, but I don’t appear muchㅠㅠ I’d originally planned this episode mainly for me…

JUNG KOOK cut the skewers in the length that was good to eat. Younger members had stuck the food prettily on them. They would get loved if they get married! I’m so proud of you guys~ By the way, is JUNG KOOK the youngest? Why is his arm like that? Should his arm be like that even when he’s scissoring?

My face has appeared finally! I sprinkled the pancake mix on them with serious expression~ Someone would think that I’m inventing a pancake mix, if they see me this serious.

[The 4th step of making food for the New Year’s Day: Fry, fry, and fry!]

They started to fry the Korean kebab earnestly putting mixed egg on them. The youngest JUNG KOOK said, “Bro~ can I have one bite of that~?” while he was looking from behind. He seemed like the youngest when he behaved like that. ^^
(A report from the onlooker: Partial meat was left although meat which JIMIN had marinated hard was all stuck on the skewers. We fried the meat well putting on mixed eggs on them saying that we would make ‘superb Korean kebab’ made with only meat. To whose mouth did the ‘superb Korean kebab’ go in?)

He put them on the plate prettily. JIMIN you would get married well although I say it again~ I support you^^ And the youngest, I’ve seen you picking up food and eating secretly, behaving you were tidying the food up~

They made the rice-cake soup’s garnish with egg. JUNG KOOK finely cut the eggs that I fried thinly~

Look at the amount of the meat that would be put into the rice-cake soup which 3 guys will eat. 3 servings for BTS is that amount~~~ It seems like a meat soup rather than a rice-cake soup, right?

I fried a pancake putting in the mixed leftover ingredients. The name of this food is ‘Mixed Pancake’.

LOL~ I feel really great when I set up the table. I’ve also put my favorite potato-cake dumplings in the rice-cake soup. I don’t usually put them in when I spend my money for cooking, but I’ve bought everything that I wish to eat using my agency’s credit card. LOL I’m sorry. Big heart (bowing)

Oh! The hidden concept of this STARCATS was bluff. (You would understand what I’m talking about if you see the last STARCAST)
※ Wait a moment here. You want to see JIN’s splendid skill of frying the pancake? We release it on STARCAST’s Twitter! Please click on the ‘CLICK’ beside>>CLICK!
[Spin-off: The thoughts from the bottom of Chef JIN and ‘Today’s Slave’s hearts!]
How would JIMIN and JUNG KOOK that got managed all day long evaluate chef JIN’s food? We release their thoughts from the bottom of their hearts now.

JIMIN: JIN made rice-cake soup for the first time before, and I think it was the best than ever. Today’s soup was delicious, but has some kind of weak impact? However, the Korean kebab was delicious. I and JUNG KOOK volunteered in helping JIN a lot since there were many situations that seemed dangerous to cook alone. : )
Star-grading for taste: 7.5 out of 10!

JUNG KOOK: I’ve assisted in cooking, but there’s not much that I did. I cut ingredient… fried them… But I feel proud of myself somehow since the food came out to be delicious. The rice-cake soup was not a rice-cake soup, but a meat soup. I didn’t really like the color of the soup. : ) However, the Korean kebab was great.
Star-grading for taste: 4.3 out of 5!

JIN: Were you tired of me since I asked you guys to eat meal together on the holidays? I’m really sorry. But I hope it would become a good memory since we ate Sweet and Sour Chicken secretly, and rice-cake soup for welcoming the New Year’s Day : )
Star-grading for taste: It was perfect!

Are you spending a happy New Year’s holiday eating delicious rice-cake soup and Korean kebab? The special STARCAST for the New Year’s Day says goodbye appreciating the back image of JIN, JIMIN, and JUNG KOOK cooking together at the little kitchen~
Written=BTS JIN, BigHit Entertainment
Pictures= BigHit Entertainment

※ These contents are produced and provided by the agency.

Credits :

Naver Starcast
Translate : Naver starcast

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