[Interview/Trans] BTS – Rookie Awards, Official debut in Japan and Fanclub launch … A year after the debut, “It’s all thanks to our fans.” (Kstyle) [140819]

The following translation has gone through numerous processes of translation, Korean-Japanese-Korean and finally into English. Please bear in mind that this is not the most accurate (but hopefully the most approximate!) translation of the original interview which was written in Japanese.

Within a year since their official debut in Korea, BTS successfully debuted in Japan as well as was ranked as third in Oricon. With their consecutive successes of their Japanese singles, they definitely proved themselves to be the next big thing in K-POP.

「I was really glad to hear that our ranking actually went up instead of going down.」

― Your Japanese debut title track of 「No More Dream」 was recently ranked as third in Oricon. Congratulations!

EVERYONE:Yay-! (Everyone laughs)

SUGA:We heard about it after the release event in Osaka. Everyone was really excited about it.

V:We were all like “Third! Third!”

SUGA:Because I worked hard for it (Laughs)

JIN:We all thought the ranking was supposed to go down eventually but ours were quite the opposite. It was weird but in a good way.

― Did you all celebrate?

RAP MONSTER:We just went out for dinner . (Laughs)

SUGA:We celebrated with soft drinks.


― Quite a number of fans have gathered around for your release event. How was it?

J-HOPE:We truly thank all the fans especially the ones who came to see us. We really felt all the love and support from our fans and I think it’s all thanks to them that we were able to be ranked in Oricon.

― And I assume it was your first release event?

EVERYONE:Yes, it was.

RAP MONSTER:We only did showcases before so it was a bit different from what we have done previously. I really liked it since we were able to meet our fans more up close as well as it is another opportunity for us to be on the stage.

BTS was absolutely surprised to hear their second Japanese single was ranked as the fourth.

― Within a month, you released another Japanese single title, BOY IN LOVE.

SUGA:We literally worked with KM-MARKIT right after we were done with NO More Dream.

― And it was ranked as the fourth on the day of the release

RAP MONSTER&SUGA:We’ve been told just before this interview.


JIMIN:BOY IN LUV is at fourth right now? Whoa-! (Laughs) We’ll all work harder to be able to be at the higher rank the next time!

V:It’s such an honour. We often hear about other artists being ranked in Oricon and the fact that we are one of those artists is just amazing.

― Please tell us about your new single, BOY IN LUV.

RAP MONSTER:Until now our songs were mostly about societal issues that teenagers are faced with like stereotypes. With BOY IN LUV, we wanted to talk about their love.

― What kind of concept are BOY IN LUV and its choreography?

J-HOPE:In general, choreography tends to be in accordance with the songs like our previous songs of No More Dream and N.O. You’ll soon figure it out.

SUGA:The song and choreography are about feistiness of teenagers and their love, a bit immature but full in essence.

― I was told that few members of BTS participated in the process of making the song. How do you guys divide up the work?

SUGA:Pdogg would first work on a track and we, J-HOPE, RAP MONSTER and I listen to it and work altogether. Each would give some feedbacks on it and we, including Pdogg work on it to complete it.

V:During the process, the vocal lines would listen to it and also give feedbacks on how it can be improved.

SUGA:At the end, all the members participate. We would all give some feedbacks on it along the process of making it.

― This is your second time working with KM-MARKIT who is also well known as a rapper in Japan. How do you guys work together?

RAP MONSTER:We usually receive his songs that have been translated into Korean and we would give feedbacks on how it can be improved.

SUGA:KM-MARKIT even came to the recording and helped us with pronunciation.

― How is it like to work with him?

JIMIN:He’s really nice and considerate.

SUGA:Also very funny and cool. He’s really open minded.

RAP MONSTER:HIP HOP LOVER. He’s just in love with Hip Hop.

SUGA:Innocent and naive when it comes to Hip Hop. (Laughs)

RAP MONSTER:He also has a babyish side. Like when he says “Oh-! RAP MONSTER!” (Imitating KM-MARKIT)

SUGA:He’s a pleasure to work and be with.

「Just One Day」 is a track filled with our souls and efforts.

― How did it feel to sing N.O and Just One Day in Japanese?

SUGA:It’s a bit different from singing them in Korean. Lyrics are slightly different too. Those differences kind of make them as if they’re completely different songs which I think is really good.

V:I was able to put more feelings into it while singing them in Japanese.

JIMIN:I personally had difficulty recording N.O especially with the pronunciation with the part 「じゃなくてー」 and well.. pretty much with all the parts. (Laughs)

― What about Just One Day?


SUGA:First it had a lot of words. And the song itself contained a lot of 「じ(Ji)」which I had difficulties with.

JIN:To pronounce 「会えるように」 was so hard that it nearly took me a whole day to do it properly.

― I guess Just One Day is a song that is full of your souls and efforts?

EVERYONE:Yes, so please do listen to it.

V:Seriously though.. (Laughs)

A Pinata accident … “Let’s not talk about that.”

― How was your first Japanese fan meeting that was held in May?

JIN:I totally enjoyed playing a game with the fans. That was fun.

J-HOPE:We also had Korean fan meetings prior to it but the fact that we were able to do it in Japan was amazing. It really got me to think that I should work harder.

― And of course we cannot forget about the Jimin’s Pinata’s accident. (Laughs)

JIMIN:Let’s not talk about that. (Smiles bitterly)

J-HOPE:Jimin was too excited at that time.

SUGA:He just wanted to stand out. (Laughs) We all said no during the rehearsal.

RAP MONSTER:I was upset for real.

J-HOPE:That was the main event of the fan meeting.

V:He went a bit too far.

JIMIN:But I didn’t do it on purpose. Well I guess I got too excited since I was on the stage and ended up pulling the string. (Laughs)

― You guys are still a great team even with numerous accidents on the stage. (Laughs)

V:We just try to laugh it out.

RAP MONSTER:It’s not like we can redo the event again so we’re all like it is what it is. But we definitely do have lots of accidents.

― I guess that means that you are getting used to being on stages.

SUGA:I guess so. It’s more like we no longer are afraid or nervous to be on stages but starting to enjoy it.

― It seems like your live performances are getting better and better. Do you guys feel the improvements as well?

EVERYONE:Thank you.

V:We practice a lot together so with experiences of being on stage, it definitely helps us as a team.

SUGA:We always talk about what we can do to improve after every practice.

A year since the debut…BTS’s top 3 events.

― It only has been nine months since you debuted in Japan but you guys are just all over the places. How does it feel?

RAP MONSTER:We really did a lot of things in less than a year. First show case, Japanese debut, first fan meeting etc.

SUGA:We pretty much have similar schedule when we are in Korea so we don’t feel much difference.

JIMIN:Yeah, schedule wise, it’s pretty much the same.

RAP MONSTER:I feel like there are two of me.

― So you did not have time to rest since then?


RAP MONSTER:We never did since the debut so.. (Laughs)

― Since the debut, what three events are the most memorable to you?

RAP MONSTER:1. Rookie Award 2. First fan meeting in Korea and Japan 3. Official debut in Japan.

― Do you all agree?

JIN:One more. When SUGA wasn’t able to perform with us last year due to appendicitis. That was a big concern for all of us.

SUGA:It was during the second showcase. I wasn’t feeling good during the first showcase but I felt like I just had to be on stage so I kind of forgot about the pain that I had. But after that, I was just too sick to perform…

RAP MONSTER:Our choreographer had to take his place.

SUGA:People were saying things like why is SUGA so fat or why is he wearing a mask. (Laughs)

― How did you all feel when he got better?

SUGA:I actually had to be away for a month since the first operation didn’t go too well. But they all came to visit me.

JIN:He was so nonchalant about it when he came back. He was like I’m all better.

JUNG KOOK:His choreography a bit rusty afterwards since he took a month off. (Laughs)

SUGA:Well, that was because I didn’t fully recover at the moment so I wasn’t fully myself. (Laughs)

― Since you never had any days off, what do you want to do during your spare time?

EVERYONE:Whoa- (Everyone is excited)

RAP MONSTER:I want to go to Harajuku by myself and just shop and then go back home. (Laughs)

J-HOPE:Sleep.. (Laughs)

SUGA:I want to travel around Japan with my family.

V:I just want to chill with my family.

(SUGA and V clap together since they both had similar ideas)

SUGA:Together in Japan! (Laughs)

JIMIN:I want to sleep.

JIN:I want to play games that got released recently.

RAP MONSTER:Let’s go to Japan together and shop. You go to Akihabara and I got to Harajuku. (Laughs)

JUNG KOOK:I want to go somewhere nice with my family. And to play video games. Lots of them!

(J-HOPE and JIMIN clap too since they both wanted to sleep)

Messages to the fans…”It’s all thanks to you guys!”

― What are your upcoming goals?

RAP MONSTER:We also wish to receive Rookie Award in Japan as well. We still have a long way to go. And we just want to show ourselves in terms of our music and performance to greater number of people during this process.

― Any last words to your fans?

JUNG KOOK:I really want to thank…


JUNG KOOK:No, I wanted to say that.. So I want to thank all the fans and just let them know that we are working really hard for our fans to have perfect stages.

SUGA:Let’s thank them one more time! (Laughs)

RAP MONSTER:Let Jimin do it!

JIMIN:(Surprisingly) Um.. one of our concerns is that our performances might the repetitive which can be quite boring to our fans, especially since we have far lot more schedules in Japan. So I just want to say that we will all try hard in order for our fans to feel different every time they see us perform.

RAP MONSTER:Lastly, (Laughs) we want to thank our fans especially Japanese fans for all the love and support we received regarding our official debut Japan and please watch us grow as we have so much to show!

J-HOPE:We are here because of you guys!


Trans by. 김누나 (@newnumbyeah) Via bonnieple


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