11 thoughts on “[Webtoon] We On Chapter 29 : BE The Shield (Season 1) Epilogue [150401]

  1. If this comic can transform to be a k-drama, it’ll be a succesfull drama. Cuz the comic was so fantastic, amazing, and wonderfull. Hope, the season 2 not too long to wait.

  2. hi im from Philippines, i know im too late to read this stuff, but i really love the concept and how imaginative you are.. 😍😍😍 its been so long since it was published. so im looking foward for the season2 plsssss it really caught my attention, 😍😍😍 THANK IN ADVANCE. GOD BLESS 💜💜💜💜👏👏👏👍👍👍

  3. N this is 2020 know,, n am still wait for the seasons 2.. I hope more army will know about this.. So, bts, bighit, n others will continue this project. Plis help me,, help us.. Borahae

  4. Just discovered this today…I got hooked onto the plot and now i NEED the rest of the story!!! I hope season 2 will come out one day!

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