The rules of a game is very fair but the rules in the world is not fair. Those born with a silver spoon in their mouth can perhaps take the lead. But to those that are not as fortunate, it may be very difficult to even stand a chance at the starting line. This is reality.

The music industry is no exception. For those at larger agencies with more power, there are more opportunities available after debuting. TV and music programs are inevitable. They are able to reveal themselves on different variety programs. Relatively speaking, this allows them to gain popularity in an even shorter amount of time. Even though one doesn’t always succeed just because he is from a large agency but with time, you can see the probability of this getting higher and higher. There is no disagreement on this.

Due to this, male group Bangtan Boys’ steps have gained attention. They released their third mini album “화양연화 pt.1” on the 29th. Bangtan Boys, who is starting their activities with title song “I Need U,” belongs to a so-called “non-large” agency. But since their debut in June of 2013, Bangtan Boys kept showing a favorable upward trend. Right now their fancafe is close to exceeding 100,000 members.

So what exactly differentiates Bangtan Boys from other idols?

“We sing songs about our stories so we are representative of our generation.” (Jin)

“Quite frankly, I’ve always wanted to write songs that relate to our age. So I think of thoughts that those of our age might have and sing songs with stories.” (Suga)

“It’s a bit of an overstatement to say we represent our generation. But common stories of youths in this generation is in this (album) leading many to sympathize with us.” (Rap Monster)

The reason they are able to stand out among the many idol groups is actually “music.” With the members participating in writing lyrics and composing songs, they are able to sing songs with stories that youths in their 10’s and 20’s can sympathize with.

Of course the response from the fans is very enthusiastic. Thanks to this, Bangtan Boys was able to win four rookie awards from MelOn Music Awards, Golden Disk Awards, Seoul Music Awards, and Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards. And one year later, they won the bonsang award at the Golden Disk Awards; showing an upward trend.

“Rookie awards, our solo concerts not too long ago, fancafe members about to surpass 100,000 – these are achievements you don’t gain in just one day. We kept growing after debuting in June 2013. Although I can’t say that these achievements are that satisfying, we poured everything into it and tried our hardest.” (Rap Monster)

There are visible results through their continuous activities. Bangtan Boys, who are singers to watch in the music industry, is growing. These are achievements they have realized only after 1 year and 10 months.

They are not from a large agency yet all attention is on them.

“I’ve heard from many friends from small agencies that they want to be like us. We’ve received a lot of attention since the beginning. Even when we haven’t debuted yet, we worked hard to prepare and continued to grow. Perhaps they are optimistic of us due to point.” (Suga)

“There are pros and cons. We received much attention before debut. It would be nice to be #1 immediately after debuting, but going slowly and steadily like this feels like a greater sense of accomplishment. Compared to anything else, climbing up step by step like this causes our eagerness for music to be even stronger. The relationship between the members can be even more stable. Looking at the results, it is very satisfying for us.” (Rap Monster)

Of course, Rap Monster honestly said that they still have a long way to go. This year they must stand at the top by all means.

In such a short time Bangtan Boys was able to achieve their goals of rookie awards, bonsang, and even concerts. They have a subtle sense of confidence in regards to winning #1 on music broadcasts.

“We want to win #1 on music broadcasts so we’re going to be even more nervous before our activities, and we’ll also look forward to it (laughs). Of course our biggest goal is to be singers with our own colors and good music. I don’t know how long it will take but we will definitely become singers with that sense of confidence.” (Suga)

Rap Monster, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook all agreed with Suga’s words. The conclusion is once again returned to music. Bangtan Boys, who produces the best music, will continue their unstoppable growth in 2015.


Enews24 from Naver

Trans:  yoogamin.tumblr

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