5 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW/TRANS] BTS at The Star Profiles [150430]

  1. OH EM GEE!!! i don’t know what to say.. woooo!~ you guys are so amazing!
    SUGA oppa’s question, my answer is:
    ‘One word, AWESOME. That’s why.’
    RAP MON oppa’s, ‘I feel my sexyness when I sing and play my guitar (?) I think sooo~ haha XD. And when I’m in the bathroom singing out loud.’
    JIN oppa: ‘YEAH! Super duper to the highest level to the MAX!’ ^____^v
    J-hope oppa: ‘I am a fan of Taylor Swift (SWIFTIE <3), The Vamps (specially, Bradley Simpson)and 5 Seconds of Summer (Calum and Luke). And BTS is the first ever K-Pop group that I idolize.' hihi ^^
    JUNGKOOK oppa: 5 reasons why I'm addicted to you is…
    'FIRST Oppa, You are so handsome and really cute! SECOND You are absolutely AMAZING! you're very talented. all in one! THIRD, You can play guitar and your voice is.. Oh My God! its so beautiful. I feel butterflies in my stomach when I hear you sing. especially when you sang Marry Me by Jason Derulo. FOURTH, You can draw and your damn hot when you dance! hihi ^^ and FIFTH… YOU CAN MAKE MY HEART FLUTTER JUNGKOOKIE OPPA!!!'
    JIMIN oppa: 'I think you should study different languages including filipino language so you can talk to me and your filipino fans. And to your fans around the world.'
    V (Tae-tae) oppa: 'I super duper like you! I also love you very much Taehyung oppa and I'm hella addicted to you!'


    Lovelots BTS!

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