[PROJECT] Let’s Join 2015.06.13 BTS 2nd Debut Anniversary “BTS Forest Project” by @BTS_UNION & @fanmaum app.


Notice : Because Due to lack of funds #ForestOfBTS project has been extended till Autumn. We still have lots of time so please participate 🙂 (The Project extended till August 31.2015)BTS


HOW TO PARTICIPATION BTS 2nd Anniversary  “BTS Forest Project”  :

1. Download 팬마음 (Fanmaum) app. : goo.gl/hl6B3H  (Android user Only)

2. SIGN UP THE 팬마음 (Fanmaum) app.


3. Collect your Heart ‘♡’ Go To Save Your Heart :

They have 2 Option :

– Save Free Heart ( You can participating in ads in there)

– Purchase Heart (You can buy Heart with your Credit Card )



Or Save hearts for FREE ! You will get more than 800 hearts if you attend 25 days in a row!

4. After you Collect your Heart ‘♡’ in Save Your Heart you can select support project BTS 2nd Anniversary  “BTS Forest Project” & send your heart in th



If you don’t have android you can still join this project Read this

More info BTS_UNION or  @fanmaum

ARMY’s Around the world Please give your support to help grow a forest in BTS’ name! with &  @BTS_UNION or download 팬마음 (Fanmaum) app.  , send your heart and share this project too because  we only have time till August 31!! Let’s Join 2015.06.13 BTS 2nd Debut Anniversary “BTS Forest Project”!!!!!FIGHTING!!!



More Info You can Follow @fanmaum  &  @BTS_UNION on twitter


Credits :

Fanmaum app. & @BTS_UNION


7 thoughts on “[PROJECT] Let’s Join 2015.06.13 BTS 2nd Debut Anniversary “BTS Forest Project” by @BTS_UNION & @fanmaum app.

  1. i already put my correct number but it says please check your phone number. what does it mean?

    1. You dont need to write your country number dear and if u have problem with the fanmaum app. like sign in or etc you can ask to @fanmaum on twitter 🙂

  2. Is there any update for this project? I have been saving hearts and giving them but it’s almost in vain. There are only about 1000 participants and it says +(days) instead of -(days) like before.. I can’t read Korean but I really wanna know how to get more participants and make it successful! It’s such a nice project.. :/

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