[TWITTER/TRANS] BTS Twitter [150524]

@bts_twt :여러분 켈라니는 급뜬금 등장한 싱어송라이터로서 사랑입니다 전곡을 들으세여   [Rap Monster]

Trans @bts_twt : Kehlani, who has appeared suddenly as a singer song-writer, is love, everyone. Please listen to all of her songs. [Rap Monster]

@bts_twt :@BTS_twt 어 너 모냐..  [Rap Monster]

Trans @bts_twt : @BTS_twt Oh, what are you (even doing).. [Rap Monster]

@bts_twt :완전좋음
jk [Jungkook]

Trans @bts_twt : (It’s) totally nice
jk [Jungkook]

@bts_twt :아미들 늦게까지 고생 많으셨어요!
짱짱짱 내일 봐요~
슈가형이 시선을 강탈하시네..  [BTS]

Trans @bts_twt :

ARMYs have worked hard until late (at night)!
Th best best best, see you tomorrow~
Suga hyung captured our eyes.. [BTS]

(T/N: It means Suga stands out, probably because he looks really tall there at the back)

@bts_twt :안녕하세여 슈간데여 다들 수고 많았슙~~~ 오늘 아미 짱이였어요~~~~~~!!!! 집에가서 푹 주무시길!!!!  [Suga]

Trans @bts_twt : Hello this is Suga. Everyone you’ve worked hard-syub~~~ ARMYs were the best today~~~~~!!!! Go home and get some sleep!!!! [Suga]

Credits :

Trans : Mary @ bts-trans

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