[Interview/Trans] [STARCAST] wow~ its summer! BTS’s early summer vacation in Kota Kinabalu! [150709]

In last May, BTS went to Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Malaysia for their photo shoot. With such vacation like schedule but not, BTS got very excited and put on a great smile! BTS in Kota Kinabalu, the time where they could refresh their mind and body which were very down with the group’s packed schedule where the boy group had to carry out so many things in a short period of time including completing album and holding a concert tour! We are revealing first to STARCAST families! So let’s hurry and go~
[welcome, is this your first time in summer country? ]

JIMIN looks great together with the green trees

BTS’s crossbeam of dance line J-HOPE and JIMIN

The first shooting which took place in the swimming pool located in the resort! The boys were stamping their feet rapidly in excitement of wanting to get into the swimming pool by standing around the green sea and the hot sun, and Humid atmosphere~3 yet the boys were in a very good mood so the shooting held in a fun and cheerful atmosphere and ended very fast. In Particular, SUGA who is in charge of being (No) Energy took a lot of best cuts as showing off a great energy as he slept for 48hours!

I want to bite you..

We like to build a beautiful house somewhere in that
Green Kota Kinabalu Island~

The happy SUGA in Kota Kinabalu

The guy who is going to become a king of pirate, RAP MONSTER

Get, Set, Ready….Go swimming!

[The fun feet paddling time in the swimming pool!]

The first song that came into their mind as soon as they got into the pool~
Touch My body~

(Jaws BGM) we took an aim for the target, let’s go…!

Successful attack

I am!! Your!! Hope!!!

I am JUNG KOOK/19 years old, the golden youngest member
It has not been so long since he displayed his great excitement that was hidden under his mind

RAP MONSTER/22-years-old, king of destruction
Getting into the rhythm – ☆

The swimming pool is not good enough to make us want to swim ……
The boys born in 1995 ran to the sea!

The – youth – ♡

The memorial family shot at Kota Kinabalu -!?

[Conquered the banana boat ^^]

J-HOPE: (he is very worried…) (J-HOPE’s sullen face…)

The next day, BTS had time to play ocean leisure at a Manukan Island. We are about to show a little of the boys on the banana boat! BTS got a mission to complete before they got on the banana boat. The mission was……
Mission: If they fall into water, find J-HOPE first.
They promised not to let go of J-HOPE’s hand, who is very afraid of water for getting on the boat together after soothing him everything will be okay. The guys’ great friendship that even touches our mind! ☆

We are completely ready to go!

Wow this is so much fun!!~

In the far end of green sea BTS are surging…~


Finding j-hope…

It was great. (Happy ending)
[Various-different looks of photo shooting]

JIMIN is letting go of the bottle with his wishes in -☆

BTS’s two top model line-!

If you like to memorize this moment take picture like J-HOPE (Say cheese^▽^)

The end of individual cut! (HAPPINESS!)

I never going to give up on these Polaroid

My legs are pretty…what?!

We hope that you had some time to refresh your mind like having vacation even for a little while as looking at BTS who had lots of fun time in Kota Kinabalu, and the more detailed contents would be included in BTS’s 2015 summer package! Have a cool and fun summer vacation!


[ BONUS CUT : BTS’s living point ]

Living point #1. You can see SUGA’s inner structure of mouth when SUGA is in a super happy mode!

Living point #2. You have to put on a proper amount of sun cream before you go under the strong sunshine. (Then you would get ‘less’ tanned. Ex.V..)

Living poing#3. Take of your outer if you get hot

Living point #4. If three people put arms around one another’s shoulder you will never get hot (?)

Living point #5. If you walk sand beach with your bare feet your feet get really hot.
wait a second, if you like to see these pretty summer boys in the original photo shoot?
We are revealing everything the original version on STARCAST Facebook (http://me2.do/GvDr5axq) in just one hour! Army hold on just a little more~♥
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  1. Kota Kinabalu is not the capital of Malaysia. Capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. Kota Kinabalu is in Sabah. Kota Kinabalu is one of the district in Sabah and Sabah is one of the states in Malaysia.

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