[News/Trans] Cheers Pop interview with BTS in HK [150908]

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Bangtan Boys is a Korean boy group who even has a Chinese name! The first I heard the name, I already thought it was very cool. With their strong and amazing dancing, they have already told Korean fans that they will become the latest boy group to shine. Undeniably, as 2015 rolled around and it’s been two years since their debut, they have already won multiple times for this comeback on ‘Show Champion,’ KBS 2TV ‘The Show,’ and other music programs. They have also traveled all over Asia in the past half year for their concert tour. It’s hard to deny that BTS’ popularity has already penetrated every corner of the world. The day before ‘2015 BTS Live Trilogy in Hong Kong: Episode II The Red Bullet,’ the editorial staff met with these seven cool guys. Like many other boy groups, the relationship between BTS is super cute. This group of cute youths took on the interview with an attitude similar to traveling abroad. If they have a bullet-like presence on stage, then they have killer smiles off stage.

Hoping to attend MAMA again
BTS is in Hong Kong again after last year’s MAMA awards show, and is also their first time holding their own concert in Hong Kong. Last time on the MAMA stage, they collaborated on a performance with another Korean boy group, Block B, that captivated everyone’s attention. Although they don’t know if they will participate in MAMA again this year, I’m sure the Korean fans would very look forward to seeing their MAMA performances again. Even they expressed their desire to attend MAMA again.
Talking about advantages of teammates
This time the editorial staff planned a little game that we like to play with idol groups. Every member chooses a member’s name [randomly] and talks about this member’s advantages! While choosing the members, they showed surprised expressions. Since they can’t reveal which member they chose, they can only use their expressions to tell the members sitting by them by who they chose. Some members seemed to be very satisfied with their choosing, as shown by their excitedness. There were also some members that showed difficulty in regards to their chosen member. But since they’ve been together for a long time, they actually really like each other. Everyone answered very seriously and I trust that the members felt a bit embarassed after hearing the answers. The first person to choose was J-Hope.

J-Hope: (chose Suga) Although Suga seems insensitive, he’s often the first one that looks after the other members. He’s the one that takes care of the members the most!

Suga: (Amazingly, Suga choose J-Hope) He’s always very cheerful and positive. He gives others a lot of energy/strength!

Jimin: (chose Rap Monster): Don’t be fooled by Rap Monster’s appearance. He’s not too much like his appearance. He has an attentive side, very responsible, very strict in his self-management, and…… very handsome! Hahaha!

Rap Monster: (chose V) V is born with a ‘celebrity-look.’ How can his face be such good looking!

V: (chose Jin) He’s the most handsome member! He has the broadest shoulders so very handsome!
(Starting to realize that everyone is praising each other of being handsome; although each of them are indeed very handsome.)

Jin: (chose Jimin) He is filled with cute charms. His personality is very smooth, as if he has no enemies.

Jungkook: (sadly he chose himself but answered very well) I feel like I’m one that can achieve what I desire. I’m a very dedicated person and I do what I want freely!
Food and places they like
Since the interview time is quite short, the editorial staff already prepared pencil and paper for them to answer the following questions. Let’s read about these lively bulletproof scouts’ favorite food and places.

J-Hope: I really like to eat rice cakes with beef and my favorite places to go to is a place in Jeolla-do called Damyang.

Suga: I love to eat dukbokki; I often go to Hangang since I can play basketball and it feels very cool.

Jimin: I really like to eat kimchi and banchan; home is my favorite place.

Jungkook: My favorite is smoked duck; I really like the beach and swimming pool since I like water.

Rap Monster: Samgyeopsal and kalgaksu; I love going to cafes and Hangang!

V: I recommend soup dumplings, very good; And the places I like are Geochang, Daegu since they are places I’ve lived in.

Jin: It’s got to be dakgangjeong; I really like to go to Sangsurak. I remember this being a place I often go with my family as a child.
Thoughts about own works
BTS’ title songs since debut have always been deeply loved by fans. The editorial staff also organized for each of them to pick out a BTS title song name and tell the fans what they feel about that song. J-Hope: (chose ‘I Need U’) Whether it’s recording or choreographing, it was the happiest. When I saw the choreograph when I was recording, it feel like the most anticipated dance. What was interesting was when we were choreographing, we revealed ‘I Need U>’ as well as the order of the music so it left a deep impression.

Suga: (chose ‘Hormone War’) We recorded this in America. But [my/our] condition wasn’t very good but luckily the result turned out well.

Jimin: (chose ‘Boy in Luv’) While preparing for this album, to be it felt like we practiced this dance the longest.

Rap Monster: (chose ‘Danger’) We recorded this in America. I received a lot of experience while preparing this!!!

V: (chose ‘No More Dream’) Since the range is low for this song, it was quite difficult recording this song. It’s also my first time recording rap so just thinking about it feels hard.

Jin: (chose ‘Just One Day’) This song is really good. It was also recorded in just one day.

Jungkook: (chose ‘Dope’) There are parts everyone sings together. Everyone thinks it’s annoying when we need to sing it, but once we actually do it, everyone feels very excited. I hope you like our interpretation.
Unforgettable fans sing-a-long
BTS finally completed their second tour. The fans’ sing-a-long was definitely the most unforgettable. No matter where they are, they feel as though all of the fans can sing along in Korean. It’s something that leaves them shocked (the staff informed that that many overseas fans that like k-pop knows Korean and some are even amazing at it. Rap Monster and the other’s had their eyes wide open as if they can’t believe it). After interviewing with this group of lively and active boys, I sure will look forward to their super cool performances. I hope our editors will continue to explore other boy group’s true selves off stage


Cheers Pop

Trans : Yoogamin 

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