[Picture/Fansitesnap] BTS at One K Concert [151009]

Please Don’t Crop & Edit Picture and The Logo !!!

Credits :

Spring_bloxom,Jam Jam,SU CAN FLY,mysweetaetae,SUGA POP!,bonbon,FIRSTSIGHT9297, ‏honeywater_jm,White Shadow,GuidingStar1204,SUGAling Days,BTS_metoo,사랑받는방탄,REAL RECOGNIZE REAL,RainVow_Light,BREEZY VOICE,Best-Hope0218,NEED U , BABY,PEACH AND DAISY,LOVE ON TOP,Meant to V,beautifulBTS_,sweet_breezes,TODAY_PJM,jimining95,MYSTIC RED,MY LITTLE VALENTINE,MADE IN 1997,1 0 s e c o n d s.,DelightV,afterimage95,Love you Too much,TheBestJm_95,MINingful moment ‏,sweet strike!,honeywater_jm,Jintime,Best-Hope0218 ‏


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