[TWITTER/TRANS] BTS Bighit [151030]

@bts_bighit : [V앱] 생방송이 끝나자마자 도착한 뜨끈뜨끈한 앱 구독자 100만축하떡 앞으로도 달방과 방가, 스팟라이브 많이 기대해주세요! 제이홉 복근을 향해 200만 고고^0^

Trans @bts_bighit : [V App.] the Live Broadcast will be ended shortly, a steaming hot  app 1,000,000  subscriber celebration rice cake arrived Please give us more anticipation in the Future episode Run BTS  Bangtan Gayo , Spot Live  ! Let’s going towards 2,000,000 for J-HOPE ABS GO GO ^0^#Thepictureshortlycomeoutaftertaken#EatingRiceCakeEatingRiceCake

Credits :

Trans :btsdiary

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