[Info] BTS – 2nd Full Album Album ‘WINGS’

Album Pre sale :

September 28th.2016 – October 9th.2016

There will be 4 Versions : W.I.N.G

Contents :

  • Size 150x150mm
  • 96 Page Photobook (Photo Will Vary in Each Version ‘W.I.N.G’)
  • 1 CD
  • 1 Pollaroid Random Photocard (Out of 8 Version (7 members, 1 Group)
  • 1 Poster (only for first press)

Buy Online :

BTS OFFICIAL SHOP : https://goo.gl/mylkjQ Or https://goo.gl/jAfhui

KPOPMART : https://goo.gl/BqK6tZ Or https://goo.gl/QQfjWi

Synnara : https://goo.gl/vKo8Zh Or https://goo.gl/nQJgkZ

YES24 : https://goo.gl/Zkn0kq

KTOWN4U : https://goo.gl/rCiJ7j

KPOPTOWN : https://goo.gl/5gA4pK Or https://goo.gl/eJquWr Or https://goo.gl/xl6a5Q

Credits :

BTS Official Fancafe


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