We are pleased to announce BTS 3RD MUSTER [ARMY.ZIP+] official goods sales at Gocheok Sky Dorm on Nov 12th~13th, 2016.

* Operation hours:
Nov 12th (SAT) : 10:00 ~ 16:00 (6h) / 19:00 ~ 20:00 (1h)
Nov 13th (SUN) : 09:00 ~ 15:00 (6h) / 18:00 ~ 19:00 (1h)

※Official goods sales booths will be operated as General sales booth and Express sales booth.
-At the General sales booth, all the official goods will be available for sale
-At the Express sales booth, the merchandise will be limited to ‘OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK’, ‘OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK FUSE SET’ and ‘OFFICIAL SLOGAN’.
-‘LUCKY DRAW’ will be available at the opposite side of the Official sales booth. (Limited to 1 draw per person)

※ General sales booth will be closed 1 hour before the event for safety purposes. (Express sales booth will be open in flexible hours)
※ All the sales booths are subject to early closing depending on the merchandise stocks situations.

* LOCATION: Official goods sales booths in front of Gocheok Sky Dorm.

* PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Credit cards

* Limiting purchasing quantities:
1) Each person can buy a max of 3 items of the same product with exception of ‘OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK FUSE SET’
2) Each person can purchase a max of 1 item for ‘ACRYLIC STAND’ and ‘BALLPEN’ each round.
(A person can buy the item on multiple rounds after queuing up again.)

※Please note that booth operation time will be flexible and limiting purchasing qualities will be subject to the venue situation.


1. All the products may be sold out early.

2. All the payments are accepted in Korean Won (KRW) only.

3. Payments can be made with cash and credit cards. (Certain credit cards may not be accepted.)

4. Refund/exchange is not possible when a customer changes his/her mind.

Exchange is limited to damaged or defective items only on the day of purchase. Payment receipt is required to process the exchange at the booth.

(In case of sold out, you will be refunded with the original purchasing options)

5. It is forbidden by the local regulation to provide disposable bags for free.

6. Sales hours are subject to change depending on the on-site situation.

7. After the event, all or some of items will be available for sale on BTS OFFICIAL SHOP (www.btsofficialshop.com).

BTS 3RD MUSTER [ARMY.ZIP+] OFFICIAL GOODS are sold at the Official goods booths ONLY.

Please be advised that buying and selling illegal or counterfeit products is strictly prohibited.

Credits :

BTS Official Fancafe

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