[Interview/Trans] [STARCAST] Welcome to the shooting site of BTS! They’ll take care of your year 2017! [161108]

The autumn season of this year has already approach! And BTS went to romantic city of Chuncheon to take pictorials for the 2017 calendar!
They enjoyed the pictorial as if they went camping in Chuncheon. They also celebrated this autumn season by holding a mini sports competition.

As I’ve gathered every detail of their funny episodes, I’m specially showing them to STARCAST readers!! (Tada!!) Just trust and follow me-

Chapter 1: Peeking on the pictorial site

-Warm ups-
Aren’t you curious on how they did the pictorials? Revealing each member’s pictorials!

Senior Jin.. He’s making me think of romantic high school memories which I never experienced,,♥

SUGA’s perfect look! SUGA the genius and perfect and lots more!

During his test cut V(^ㅡ^)

#Double life_of our classmate? I want to ride roller blades with RAP MONSTER…

# Double life_of our classmate? I want to share notes with JUNG KOOK…

J-HOOOOOOPE showing off his mood!!!!!

Did you just look at me? (*´ლ`*)

This generation’s real king of pose = V (V, Taehyung, a BTS member)

Chapter 2: What could they be doing in the waiting room?

They are enjoying their waiting time by playing games!

J-HOPE who finished his preparations, starts the game first…

(Starts joining…) One by one sits together with him.

They gathered together and went busy playing games as SUGA the basketball professional also joined!

Meanwhile, JIMIN who loves games,

immediately played game as soon as he arrived here…

He plays game right after changing his clothes…

Plays again with JUNG KOOK…

Chapter 3: [Exclusive] BTS did something during their pictorial shooting….!!

Who vandalized the black board?!

Gotcha! ㅇ.ㅇ The three are super excited

Draws each of the members.

Meanwhile, RAP MONSTER is showing off his cool looks in Chuncheon

by taking selfies… and…!!

Someone took his picture… Who? V and J-HOPE! So I got you the pictures taken by them. Ho ho ho!!!

photo by V

photo by J-HOPE

Also, as I was looking for SUGA and J-HOPE who disappeared during the pictorials, I found them doing:

[ J-HOPE] found a flower.

[SUGA] found a shade.

Chapter 4: Episodes on the mini sports competition

They also had mini sports competition. Our emcee for today is RAP MONSTER!

They played various games in the competition! Slap-match game, mini archery competition, mini rifle(?) competition, and penalty shoot-out!

V the slap-match master is kneeling down?! It’s the competition match of who’re born in 1994s! Who’ll win?


Gracefully doing the archery…*

(We could assume his score by looking at their expressions)

Who’s the ace of blue team? (JIMIN: Me)

The ace’s unusual way of doing archery…Wow

They’re enjoying archery and rifle with their different styles >.<

The last big match! Penalty shoot-out…!! Making us nervous just like A match..!!!

Meanwhile, there was someone who stole BTS’ attention. Cluck, cluck… JIMIN tried to communicate with his eyes…

And JIN tried to lure it with food…

And RAP MONSTER tried to touch it. (You’re cute, RAP MONSTER!!!)

Chapter 5: JUNG KOOK in Wonderland (Subtitle: JUNG KOOK’s happy days)

① The chicken and JUNG KOOK

As JUNG KOOK was waiting for his pictorial part with RAP MONSTER, he finds out something.

Slowly approaches it. He lowers his body little by little to communicate with him…

(Body language)(I’m becoming a chicken… I’m a chicken…) (Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck)

Chicken: Who’s that strange guy…

② JUNG KOOK gathers the power of light

JUNG KOOK suddenly stops and becomes serious.


You’re shining

My eyes….!!!!!!

③ Can’t find JUNG KOOK anywhere

JUNG KOOK suddenly crawls down the table

(I bet he doesn’t know he’s being taken pictures) JUNG KOOK: Hihi, no one would find me here

(Found the camera) (Though I saw where JONG KOOK was, I’ll pretend not knowing it!)

JUNG KOOK: Oh… You found me… (Done playing hide and seek with his drink)

I bet my everyday life would be happy by seeing BTS 365times a year (Or maybe not…)
It was such an exciting shooting site of these youths at the youthful city of Chuncheon!

Article/Picture = Big Hit Entertainment
※ All rights reserved by Big Hit Entertainment.

Naver Starcast
Eng. Trans Naver Starcast

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