[TWITTER/TRANS] BTS Twitter [170101]

@BTS_twt : 가사와 사족은 블로그에 올려두었습니다. Happy 2017 ! [Rap Monster]

Trans @BTS_twt : The lyrics and commentary are up on the blog. Happy 2017 !  [Rap Monster]

@BTS_twt : 1/1 11 PM, 🎁 [Rap Monster]

@BTS_twt :

내 사랑 내 사람들

모두 복 많이 받으세요 🙏😘  [J-Hope]

Trans @BTS_twt : 

My love my people

Everyone, happy new year 🙏😘  [J-Hope]

@BTS_twt : 2017, RM will be  [Rap Monster]

@BTS_twt : 새해 복 많이 받아요~
#JIMIN [Jimin]

Trans @BTS_twt :Happy new year~
#JIMIN  [Jimin]

Video translation:
Jimin: Happy new year!

@BTS_twt : 새해 복 많이 받으세요!! [Suga]

Trans @BTS_twt : Happy new year!! [Suga]

Credits :

Trans : Mary,Jessie @ bts-trans


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