[Video] [Can’t Let Go Mandarin Conversation] Prologue [170112]

[#放不下中文会话#] 新年新企划 #防弹少年团#中文小剧场开张预告
([放不下中文会话] Prologue )
#尬舞不如学中文# #学中文使BTS快乐# #想与A.R.M.Y分享快乐#

[#CantLetGoMandarinConversation] New Year New Plan #BTS Preview for the release of mini Mandarin skits ([Can’t Let Go Mandarin Conversation] Prologue) #LearnMandarinInsteadOfHavingADanceOff #LearningMandarinMakesBTSHappy #(We)WantToShareTheJoyWithARMYs
—–Posted from the ‘Your Very Own Oppa’ mobile client (T/N: On Chinese social platforms like WeChat or Weibo, at the bottom of the post the mobile client or device that the poster uploaded from can be automatically shown, for example: “Posted from the iPhone 6 mobile client”. This is a funny play on this line.)

Credits :

BTS_Official Weibo

Lokwai & Alli @ bts-trans

Engsub : Bangtansubs


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