[Interview/Trans] [STARCAST] “Black bean noodle for graduation”… JUNG KOOK’s treat with his own card [170210]

♪To you, seniors,

who now received the


He’s the youngest of BTS. JUNG KOOK has finally graduated. He made his farewell to his School of Performing Arts Seoul on Feb 7. He got his shining diploma.

This graduation is very special to JUNG KOOK. He is born in 1997, being 21 years old this year. He delayed his college entrance due to debut, so his graduation was 1 year late than others.

From the youngest of BTS, he has now become one of the members of society; from high schooler to adult. That’s why JUNG KOOK’s graduation was indifferent. The hidden story to this special day will be revealed today.

He arrives at the school. His footsteps are light.

He greets his advisor

and entered his classroom nervously.

And there he receives the diploma!

“Diploma & grad photo”

Stop right here.
Shall we do the “worst photo” game?

“I came out from the album”

He has never felt this nervous before.
He looks like he’s at the awards ceremony.

The reason why JUNG KOOK is being nervous?

It’s because he will be awarded the Achievement Award.

Got his award together with his schoolmates

Now he is relieved and shows a smile.

Successful graduation

The members should definitely come to this event.
They joined him since his entrance ceremony and now at the graduation.

“We are BTS”

The real story begins now. The most important thing at graduation is “black bean noodles”. And JUNG KOOK will treat everyone!

The card from his wallet is not his mother’s or his father’s. It’s 100% JUNG KOOK’s card.

“We’ll eat them all” (JIN•J-HOPE)

“Make your order”

All kinds of Chinese dishes came out from BTS’ mouth. Sweet and sour pork, sweet and sour chicken, stir-fried Scallops, stir-fried pine mushroom, etc. And V is shouting a Wonton for two.

But JUNG KOOK was cool. He checked all the menus requested by the members and successfully made the order. Isn’t he worried about it?

“I have my own card”

“Bottoms up” for this memorable day.

Their “food-eating show” has officially started. First, they started with the black bean noodles. JIMIN says, “Mix the noodles with your right hand then left hand…”

“Yum, yum”

RAP MONSTER also put everything down. He ate it all deliciously. Why? Because “maknae” will treat them today! This day won’t come for a long time.

“It’s the taste of ‘maknae’s treat’”

“ARMY, have a bite” (JIN•J-HOPE)

The food amount of our hero today was indifferent. It’s the same black bean noodle but it’s bigger. Look at how huge that one scoop is. We can feel the braveness of maknae.

Though his noodle is delicious, the one given by the member is more delicious. V is giving the black noodle into JUNG KOOK’s mouth. The pickled radish on top symbolizes V’s love for him.

“It tastes like WINGS”

The “food eating show” of JUNG KOOK and members continued. “On and on and one…” It’s never-ending.
Actually, there’s a reason why BTS came to this Chinese restaurant. JUNG KOOK came to this place when he first entered the high school. He told them to visit this place again when he graduates.

“Let’s come again when we graduate” (during entrance ceremony)

“We came again after graduating”

☞ BTS is still the same from the past. If there’s a difference, it’s “graduation” this time. He’s a short interview.

“I just feel like I entered high school few days ago. The time flies too fast. I feel like I have to act and talk like an adult and be responsible.” (JUNG KOOK)

The members would feel proud with JUNG KOOK’s graduation.

“I went to the graduation ceremony of all our members. But I worried this time that too many people would come and accident might happen. I’m relieved that it ended safely.” (SUGA)
“I got along with JUNG KOOK since he was 15 years old. I feel like I’m taking care of him for 6 years. I’m proud that he has grown up so much.” (JIN)

There’s one more thing that was different. When JUNG KOOK was first year high school, BTS was just a rookie. But 3 years have passed, and you have become a grand prize-winning group.

“It is just amazing. When I was coming out from the graduation, some boys took a picture of me saying “JUNG KOOK hyung!” I can feel that our fans have become various.” (JUNG KOOK)

BTS is preparing for a new album on Feb 13. Tell us about it.

“The season is now changing from winter to spring. I think it would be perfect for this season. It’s like a gift set that includes calm and exciting music.”
“It’s true that we feel burdened on our every album release. We work out for the albums while treasuring every moment. It’s our beginning once again. We need to do our best for our upcoming activities.” (RAP MONSTER, SUGA)

You will start your world tour after the concert at Gocheok-dong. How do you feel for the upcoming world tour?

“We absolutely are excited. It’s our concert in South and North America after a long time. They are highly expecting for our visit so it is making us more excited. It would be fun.” (JIMIN, SUGA)

After their harmonious meal, it’s time for payment. When he checked the bill, he laughed out. He may have paid the bill with his dad’s card 3 years ago, but he pays with his own card this time.

“It’s on me. Hahaha”

“You’re the best, JUNG KOOK”

After paying the bill, JUNG KOOK shared his words to all graduating students.

“Some of you may be entering college and some may start working directly. Whether what you choose, I hope you’ll work hard for your dream. I realized that things solve out depending on your effort. Spread out your ‘WINGS’ for your dream together with the new track of BTS”

Article = Na Ji Yeon (Dispatch)
Picture = Min Kyung Bin (Dispatch)

Naver Starcast
Eng. Trans Naver Starcast

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