[Interview/Trans] [STARCAST] BTS in MV shooting for “Spring Day” [170215]


“Stay in that place until this cold winter ends and spring day comes with flowers blooming” BTS has come back with a lyrical title song “Spring Day”. They truly stole my heart! They came here to share us happiness and warmth. Inviting you to the MV shooting for “Spring Day”, filled with spring fever!

[ V ] Do you wanna build a snowman?

V has become a winter-boy for this spring and his individual pictorial has started. Today’s shooting will be held at a railroad covered with snow!

“My name is V…. Though I’m handsome and handsome, I’m still handsome and handsome”

He keeps on doing the monitoring for a better look / V: Is it captured until here?

Mr. V, please stay as you are, being the prince of ours… *:・゚

[ JIMIN ] Pink boy of the sea

JIMIN is sitting alone along the seaside. He should be making a heartrending smile while looking back, but why did he burst in laughter?!

J-HOPE: Hoot, hoot!

J-HOPE is making a funny pose so that JIMIN would make a natural smile!!
But he failed to do it ‘coz he laughed so hard.


< ITEM > JIMIN collected a(n) “shoe”!
< SYSTEM > Pouring out the “water”

< SYSTEM > Dancing (Tralala♬)

What could be the story of JIMIN holding on to the shoes?? Check it out in the MV!

[ J-HOPE ] #Sunset #Trip by Train #My seat is on the roof

J-HOPE has appeared while showing off his handsome smile!

It’s a cool studio that used a beam projector. It perfectly depicted the real train as if running fast through the sunset ㅇ.ㅇ!

J-HOPE…, I want to be a light in you loneliness…

[ RAP MONSTER ] Run! RAP-MON Train 999

When RAP MONSTER enters one door of the train,

SUGA and J-HOPE are there. Thank you for appearing as special guests (Clap, clap)

When the train (with RAP MONSTER) runs through the darkness and passes my heart ♪ The eyes of the traveler searching for happiness

“fires” up! (RAP MONSTER’s so cute!!)

What’s the reason for RAP MONSTER peeping into the cabin?

[ JUNG KOOK ] When you say train, there’s food-eating show and vice versa!

JUNG KOOK was in the cabin!

JUNG KOOK: Ah… I’m hungry.

That moment, a fishcake came into his hands!
500 more fishcakes here, please… ( • ω•)つ―{}{}{}{}-

He even ate all Tteokboggi as well. I’m already satisfied if JUNG KOOK enjoyed it…★

JUNG KOOK is feeling better now. He copied the hand-kissing of the eldest (*・ω・)つ

[ JIN ] It’s not fair if his shadow too is being handsome

JIN started his shooting at the maze-like stairs. People around the world!! Look at how handsome his shadow is!!!

This is the process of BTS’ JIN transforming into Kim Suk Jin (26y.o)

He just winked but pretends as if nothing happened

If you lost your way, it means you need to start finding it… I want to lost my way in JIN’s heart…

[ SUGA ] Everywhere is full of clothes!

This place is filled with plenty of clothes, as if like a “cloth warehouse”! The fashion-leader SUGA, who previously used the rider jacket as his pajamas, starts scanning the place.

This D.I.Y guy knows how to use the props so that he could relax during break time (Comfy)

SUGA with big, bright eyes takes a cute selfie
#Americano #Clothes #MovieShooting #SUGA’s eyes

[ BTS ] A shopping fiesta

They are preparing for the group shot. I don’t know where he found it but SUGA appeared wearing a hanbok ᕕ(´ ω` )ᕗ

V: Wow, this is…! / V: I should try it (SUGA: ?)
(SUGA: Hey, look at this! I found something cool!) / V: It’s My Style.

As if they are doing a “treasure hunt”, each one of them is busy showing off the clothes they found.

Okay BTS, stop the shopping here and let’s start the shooting!

Every moment with BTS was a spring day… (line of “Goblin” (or Guardian) of 939y.o)
BTS is hoping that their new album [YOU NEVER WALK ALONE] would warm your hearts and make you filled with hope. Stay together with BTS again in 2017!

< Mission > Express “Spring Day” through your body

[ J-HOPE: It’s Me ]

I’m the “Spring Day” itself! I’m the warm spring guy, J-HOPE. You should admit it.

[ V: Flower ]

V is expressing through a flower cup. Is he harmonizing with the sofa design?

[ JIMIN: ? ]

Huh? What’s this?
JIMIN: It shows freedom and stability.

[ JIN: Cherry blossom]

Let’s see what JIN will express.
JIN: It’s a cherry blossom. Please insert computer graphics here.
Let’s stop knowing about it.

[ JUNG KOOK: Cherry Blossom 2 ]

Maknae is also expressing cherry blossoms blowing in the wind! I’m looking for members who’ll join me in spring picnic!!

[ SUGA: Spring fever]

SUGA: When you say spring, there’s spring fever… Zzz

[ RAP MONSTER: Cute sprout ]

Though he is an innocent boy who wants to express a sprout, that thing won’t just stand alone…
RAP MONSTER: I’ll just hold it (shy)(hehe)

[ Bonus Cut ] This is how BTS gets rid of cold!

(Type 1) Using of props

(Type 2) Hand warmer

(Type 3) Come out, come out, wherever you are

[ Bonus Cut ] Professional in-depth reporters, V and RAP MONSTER

JUNG KOOK is happy to find a cloth of his taste / V wants to capture the cute looks of JUNG KOOK

JIMIN is happy to find the cloth of his taste / V wants to capture the cute looks of JIMIN (+SUGA is still shopping for more)

SUGA is happy to find the cloth of his taste / V wants to capture the cute looks of SUGA

RAP MONSTER: In order to capture the handsome looks of JIN,

RAP MONSTER: I’m doing my best again today (JIN: Pretending not knowing it)

RAP MONSTER: Hyung (older bro), make some pose.
< SYSTEM > He’s not moving. He must be SUGA.

He perfectly captured JUNG KOOK as well! (*´˘`*)

Article/Picture = Big Hit Entertainment
※ Big Hit Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Credits :

Naver Starcast

Trans : Naver Starcast

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