[Interview/Trans] [STARCAST] “First time to see an ensemble?”… BTS in the New World of concert [170220]

With the piano playing of JIMIN,

JIN plays the bass guitar.

When JUNG KOOK starts the beat,

J-HOPE begins showing his emotions.

Leader RAP MONSTER says…,

“First time to see an ensemble?”

“Spring Day” came to BTS. They bleed, sweat, and shed tears again to complete their second album “WINGS: You Never Walk Alone”.

They also proved their huge fandom through “The WINGS Tour in Seoul” Concert on Feb 18-19. They dominated the Gocheok Sky Dome this day.

It was totally a new world. The members showed off fascinating performance for 170minutes. With their “All Live” performance, “ARMY” reacted in fever.

Sadly, their concert ended. But, the fever of this day didn’t end up. We truly feel the same with you, ARMY. That’s why we brought you this:

We went to a practice studio located in Susaek-dong, Seoul on Feb 11. We got the moments of BTS’ D-7. STARCAST got their sweat preparing for the concert.

BTS’ “New World”,
which we have to treasure.

S#1. Run-through

Today’s first scene is “Run-through”. But wait here, “Run-through” is a rehearsal which you do like a real performance.

The members turned different here. They stopped being playful. They were serious, rehearsing together with the live band.

“We finally got to hold a concert at Gocheok Sky Dome. We’ll show you our best performance.” (RAP MONSTER)

“We really did our best for this concert. We even got more time compared to our last concert. I hope it would be a performance of communicating with the fans.” (JUNG KOOK)

“We’re happy to perform the songs that we didn’t have the chance to. This would be the best part of concerts, right? Hope you’d enjoy it.” (JIN)

“It’s so happy to hold a concert. We’ll practice harder to show you better performance. (JIMIN)

“We’re practicing a lot in live. We’ll show you our best looks at the concert. Please watch out for a fulfilling performance.” (V)

The run-through has started. BTS sang “Am I Wrong”, “Crow Tit” and “DOPE”. They showed off their skillful singing.

“I’m serious right now” (J-HOPE)

“JIN is serious also” (JIN)

“Fall into my sweet tone” (JIMIN)

“Powerful rap stands for?” (RAP MONSTER)

“BTS” (V)

JUNG KOOK took care of the monitoring. This could be the reason why he is called “Maknae the Great”. He meticulously checked over the volume.

“I don’t wanna show you our mistakes. That’s why we focus more during practice. There’s a lot of things I should consider.” (JUNG KOOK)

“There are many things you should consider when it comes to ensemble. We’re trying our best to harmonize from the smallest details. So that we could end it without mistakes.” (SUGA)

Alright now, pay attention here. The members climbed the stage. They prepared for a special performance for the fans who weren’t able to come to the concert.

It’s the highlight part of their new track, “Not Today”. The members personally made the choreography. ARMY, open your eyes wide and pay attention!

“♪ Everybody”

“No, no, not today”

“Gun, aim, fire!”

S#2. Heart-stealer

The scene-stealer, or I mean the “Heart-stealer” of this day was J-HOPE. He shared his love for the members who were tired practicing. The first baby bird was SUGA.

“Let’s eat this” (J-HOPE)

“I’m the mother bird of BTS” (J-HOPE)

JIMIN was browsing the cue sheet. He looked nervous when J-HOPE appeared. The reason why he was nervous was that he just brushed his teeth.

“Say ah-“ (J-HOPE)

“Let’s share this” (J-HOPE)


It’s today’s highlight, Mini band in BTS ver. At the actual concert, they made a performance together with the band. But during the rehearsal, the members personally played the instruments.

JUNG KOOK took the drums, while JIN held the bass guitar and JIMIN on keyboard. Shall we check out JUNG KOOK’s drumming skills first?

“I learned it a little” (JUNG KOOK)


“Trying the bass guitar”

“You should hold here” (JIN)

JIN became so tender this time. He became the one-day teacher of JUNG KOOK. He showed a demonstration for him. It’s the perfect lesson. His eyes looked indifferent.

“I’m the bassist of this place”

The guy in front of him is..?

JIMIN. He began playing the keyboard. He played the OST of “Your Name”. He played so well with just one hand.

“Kimi no na wa?” (JIMIN)


V was lured to a familiar melody. He came to listen to JIMIN’s play. Was he musically inspired? He ran to the opposite side of the keyboard. What song could V have played?

“Czerny Op.139 no.1” (V)

“Do↑Sol↓Mi↑Do↓” (V)

This is today’s bonus; “aegyo” gif of BTS. From the lowest one of SUGA to the highest one of JUNG KOOK! Beware, your hearts might be attacked.

“Though the concert in Korea is over” (SUGA)

“World tour will go on” (V)


“Let’s love each other” (J-HOPE)

“for ages” (JIMIN)

“I love you” (JUNG KOOK)

“from the bottom of my heart” (JIN)

Article = Ahn Na Young(Dispatch)
Picture = Jung Young Woo(Dispatch)

Credits :

Naver Starcast

Eng Trans : Naver Starcast

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