[Interview/Trans] [STARCAST] Tickets sold-out in 5minutes! The concerts of BTS in Newark together with fans in US! [170330]

The seats are full everywhere! (Let’s clap 3 times)

After starting the concert at Gocheok Skydome, Seoul, they successfully ended the recent concert at Chile and Brazil. And now, they have arrived at Prudential Center of Newark, New Jersey. BTS held concerts on Mar 23-24, accommodating 24,000 fans. I brought you the photos during the rehearsal and at the back stage. Let’s go!

Timeline #1. Before the show

You can see the solo performances of each member which you cannot see during the actual concert. This is their rehearsal to check the sounds and their movements!

▲ V is taking a video of the members doing the rehearsal for cipher

The members always gather together before the start of concert to talk about the concert of the day.

They talk about the things they lacked during last concert

and talk about the changes during the rehearsal

As this is their first concert in U.S., there are lots of things they need to take note of @_@

▲ Bangtan, bangtan, bang, bangtan!

Timeline #2. Let’s start the concert!

The concert started with the powerful dance of “Not Today”!

This is the special solo performance of the members, telling each of their story!

I’m lost at the swamp called “Bangtan”…☆

It’s the rappers’ time to cipher!

ARMY in US on “FIRE”

This is the special event from the American fans! Galaxy of “Rainbow ARMY Night” (meaning lightsticks of BTS) was made! How touching…

ARMY had a great time watching the songs and performances of BTS in New Ark! Though they use different languages, they were united at this moment.

Timeline #3. at the Backstage

▲ JIMIN: (My face is actually red. It’s not flushing because I’m tired…)

▲ JIN: I’m already done with my preparations!

▲ SUGA: (Controlling my mind)

▲ J-HOPE: My hair is just like a goblin! v^♡^v

▲ RAP MONSTER: You all did great!

▲ V: You all did great…! 2222

▲ JUNG KOOK: (Blank……)2222

Timeline #4. After the show

To ARMY and those who are reading this STARCAST:

Ps. With all our exciting moments and gratefulness from the concert…

Timeline #5. AFTER PARTY

Meal time of BTS! They went to eat a New York steak!

The steak is steak. I’m just sleppy right now…ZZz…

They ate steaks and lobsters… Nom, nom… so…happy… SUGA and JIMIN ate steak and drank red wine too…

Let us take a picture of you, Mr. lobster! #Emotions of BTS

This is the real “Feeling hungry while just looking at the pictures”
(struggling) I miss you… (steak)… I miss you … (steak)…

They talked about concerts while eating and chatted for more #Talkative_BTS. Their chat never ends.

Their meal ended with delicious cake and pie (ㅇㅡㅇ)b

BTS is currently meeting their fans all over the world through “The WINGS Tour”! They are just so excited in the thought of seeing the fans at the upcoming concerts!
See you again at next STARCAST! Bye!

Article/Picture = Big Hit Entertainment
※ Big Hit Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Credits :

Naver Starcast

Eng. Trans : Naver Starcast

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